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A Hybrid with attitude
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: The combination of performance and fuel efficiency is excellent.We get 34 to 36 mpg highway and 27 to 28 mpg city and can still accelerate and handle like our 2002 Lincoln LS that got 18 mpg.
Cons: It doesn't look that great or has the luxury features that other cars at that price range have.
Overall: If you want a car with great fuel efficiency that won't be out-ran or out performed by a bycicle this is it...

Highway Dream Machine

...Averaging about 37 MPG on the highway this beast has power to spare. Very comparable to a V8 luxury sedan in size, power and comfort. Even though it only gets about 22-24 MPG in the city that is still way better than anything this size with this much power. My V.W. Jetta only gets 24-26 MPG in the city and it is small and gut-less. The handling could be much sharper at low speeds, the cabin noise is a little much and the auto stop features is really annoying at stop signs. A few minor draw backs considering it stickered around 30K and I got my 2007 for 17,250 with 38k miles."...

Red Hot Honda
Source: MSN Autos

...What more can I say, you get great performance (253 horses) and good gas mileage. Yoo bad they stopped making it in 2007. Cons: I am a little jealous of the other reviewer that is getting 36 miles to the gallon on the highway. I have gotten 35 MPG on the highway on maybe 2 to 3 trips but everything had to be exactly perfect, and I really had to watch the gauges and work the accelerator. The nice thing is my in town and highway mileage doesn't differ much so I average 32 to 33 MPG almost all of the time. The only issue I have had is from time to time there is a faint scraping noise that comes...

Nice Car ... low fuel mileage

..."This is a very nice car. It feels like a full size car and gets outstanding acceleration.
Unfortunately, even if driven fairly gently, the AVERAGE fuel mileage is 26.5 mpg. That's highway and quite a lot of city driving, but it's till not outstanding for a hybrid."...

Making The Case for The HAH

..."The reason the car was not popular was price/fuel economy vs the Prius.
With depreciated prices this car is now a value. The HCH has a host of little improvements over the standard Accord without IMA hybrid technology.
Its the only 7th gen 06 - 07 model with VCM, electric power steering, and 16 in tires with a v6.
It is heavier improving ride and I believe quieter.
The exterior styling is more refined with the mirror turn signals and tail light amber turn signals.
Its a more substantial car than the Prius. I bought a used 07 NAVI with 2800 miles in 3/10. Mileage has...

Best car ever owned by far.
Source: MSN Autos

...Reliable, backed by Honda. Get it half the retail price by buying it used. Saved $1100/year on fuel plus $1300 on taxes. XM radio. Honda backed the ABS brakes (module), replaced the seat belts for free at 90,000mi. Cons: Would have been better in an Acura body. No MP3 player or casette. Put in Xenon lights and got a "double image", so people flashed the brights at me. Needs Honda brand name brakes and paint. Overall: I have used Amsoil full synthetic in engine and also did a compllete fluid exchange in transmission with full synthetic Amsoil ATF. Excellent wet/dry handling, depending on tires...

Honda refuses to stand behind the warranty. Avoid the Accord!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Worst decision of my long auto-buying history.
Cons: The Hybrid is overpriced, does not perform well and has an ongoing clunk coming from the transmission that Honda refused to fix.
This is my last Honda product. I guess I'll be looking at the Toyota and maybe even American again.
What a shame for Honda. They actually used to build a good product and stand behind the problems that inevitably happen.
Overall: See above. This is a very poor vehicle and Honda USA has deteriorated dramatically...

Source: MSN Autos

...Can't go wrong with a Honda and for the other review if you want more luxury than get an Acura !!!!! This car is great and handles well on the road . It also comes with a dual exhaust which I really enjoy once you get on the interstate . Great car !!!!! Cons: There is nothing about this car not to like . Always have some people that are just never happy no matter what !!!! Overall: Definately recommend this car to anyone that is looking for great safety ratings , reliability ,value ,gas value . This car just has everything !!!...

Our First Hybrid
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Just about everything. It has all that want and need - quality, good gas mileage, value, etc.
Cons: I don't like moonroofs (rooves?) and there is no other way of getting the hybrid.
It makes you feel more cramped than is necessary. It makes an otherwise great interior just average. Overall: We've only had this vehicle a short time, but so far so good...

Accord Hybrid - Familiar and Environmentally Friendly
Source: MSN Autos

...The interior is very roomy with lots of leg room for kids in the back. seats are comfortable and the instruments are easy to view Trunk is spacious even with the battery pack Cons: The center console is not ergonomically designed so it's difficult to open and not intuitive as to which lever to press to open either of the two compartments. Brakes are a little sensitive Would have preferred more mpg Didn't come with a sunroof option Overall: If you like the Accord, you'll love this version-- no surprises, roomy cabin and the V6 acceleration for trips and freeway travel that won't drain your...

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