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The Best SUV
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I love how much room my Yukon has and how comfortable it is.
It drives wonderful and it is safe. The sound system is great and it has all the bells and whistles an SUV should have.
Cons: I have no dislikes about this vehicle. Overall: I love my Yukon.
It is reliable, roomy and has everything I want in an SUV. I would recommend anyone to buy a Yukon. I have had a wonderful experience owning mine...

Awsome 4WD V8 2door SUV

..."I Bought this vehicle for 4k at 143,000 miles in 2005.
I Thought it was too much money at the time, but I wanted something like a ford bronco.
I was glad I got this truck, it has had no breakdowns and is now up to 180,000 miles with little maintenance.
Great paint and rustproofing job done by GM, the paint looks beautiful after wintering in Wisconsin for 16 years.If you like to drive people around,
get ready to handle the challenges associated with folding the front seats to let access the rear seat. Overall, a reliable, fun-to-drive truck...

Love it!
Source: Edmunds

...Bought this truck at an off lease five years ago. Just got back from a 4000 mile road trip with no issues (115,000 miles with just routine maintainance).
Nice leather interior, stylish exterior (with 20" rims from 2007 Yukon) plenty of 12v outlets & plenty of power (with the 5.7L you hardly know your trailer is back there).
Fuel milage (not great) beats my friends with Lexus G470 and Lincoln Navigator with 16-18 mpg.
Before my big road trip, I overhauled the brakes, plugs, belts, filters, hoses etc.
Hadn't done the brakes in 60,000 miles and I was amazed to see that the...

great suv
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: runs great Cons: not very good on gas but i knew that when i bought it Overall: love it...

great vehicle

..."This is my 5th SUV 1st the Explorer was at the dealer all the time,
then a Toyota and what a import joke, Motor & Trany toast with under 60k traded for Suburban drove to 100k with very few issues,
went to Tahoe drive to 167k great truck only oil changes and tires /brakes,
wanted newer,now my 04 Yukon XL SLT has 94,750 miles and its another outstanding vehicle all 3-GM full size SUV are far better than the Ford or Toyota,
by the way my Yukon XL gets just over 19 mph Hwy, not bad my Toyota managed 14.6 my Explorer got 15 so the largest most powerful get the best gas...

Bullitproof Machine

..."Have had mine from 12,000 miles to its present 187,000 miles.
Very dependable and hasn't cost me a fortune as did my Ford Bronco after it hit 135,000.
It's not a sports car but does, VERY WELL, what it was designed for.
Just change the oil & lube every 3,000 miles & you'll probably have a similar experience. Even the 1996 is fairly timeless in SUV design."...

Excellent truck
Source: Edmunds

...Bought the Yukon new in Dec. 2001. Drove it for business (mostly highway) to around 180,000 in 2008.
Since then my sons have taken the truck to college with them.
Now has approx. 215,000. I have always changed the oil between 3-5000 miles.
We have only had to do routine maintenance (brakes, belts, tires etc.) The only irritating issue has been the drivers side window motor.
Have had to replace this 3 times. Otherwise very, very solid truck.
In fact, bought a 2009 Yukon and love it. The key to any car is to keep up with routine maintenance and don't beat it to death...

Excellent SUV, Highly recommend!
Source: Edmunds

...I have a white 2002 Yukon SLT 4WD. I use it to pull my 4 horse trailer.
It does great up hills, around curves and has a great towing capacity.
I love it for family outtings since I have 2 kids and 3 dogs, and my husband likes it for the handling and drives it to work everyday without a problem.
I feel very safe in it. Highly recommend this SUV, I wont ever depend on a Ford after driving my Yukon for so long!...

Favorite car
Source: MSN Autos

...We live way up in the mountains and the Yukon has never had any problem driving up the pass or over any hills on our trips Cons: My wife likes it too much. We bought the truck for me but she fell in love with it so now I'm stuck driving the intrepid untill we can buy another truck. 6.0 only gets 16 mpg highway and doensn't have nearly power of the 8.1 but will do for average camper towing as long as you don't push it. Overall: We love out XL and would recomend it to anyone who has kids and wants to tow. Mileage is good enough for cross country if want some room or to carry more than 4 people...

Denali review
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: Overall finish quality for a 55K SUV is lacking. Driver's side carpet is not glued down all the way behind the break pedal. one of the pop up doors in the wood consul did not work and the dealer has to order another. My Lexus and Mercedes would not have been delivered with these issues. Overall: If GM ups their initial quality of their high end vehicles, the will keep customers coming back instead of going import next time. If Lexus came out with a "tahoe/ yukon" tomorrow, they would put a big dent in GM's sales...

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