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1990 Lincoln Mark Vll

..."best car Lincoln ever made and all include the 5.0 engine just like the mustang.
Most Mark Vll didn't change much and besides all parts from 1984 to 1992 are interchangeable with some interior parts that would be different styles."...

2010 Mustang Convertible

..."Never had so much fun with a car in my entire life!
Very sporty, sleek and just fun to drive! The interior is retro and sharp, especially with the SYNC system.
Leather seats add a level of luxury, without spending a ton of money.
The only drawback is the less than average gas mileage (25mpg HWY, I would expect a little better with a V6), however, I did not base my purchase on the mpg.
I bought this car because I am no longer a soccer-mom, and I don't have to cart kids and all their gear around town anymore. Ladies - I highly recommend - it's a big ego boost as well."...

Great Performance Car

..."I have owned several performance cars since 1969 and one of my favorites is the 2010 Mustang GT.
It is a well designed car with excellent performance and handling.
I have the premium GT with an automatic, upgraded stereo, 3.55 limited slip differential and 19 inch wheels.
What a car! Dodge, Chevy and many imports don't come close to a well equipped Mustang in any category..."...

The Yellow Mustang
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I absolutely love this car. I bought it, and added many modifications, I really reccomend a short shifter.
It makes all the difference! Cons: Driving on wet or snowy roads. Too much power in the V8, with my tweaked engine to stay straight Overall: Have never had problems, and Will never regret this buy...

Sonic Blue GT
Source: Edmunds

...Bought this car in June 05 with 12k miles. Now has 115K miles.
Mildly modded with CAI, exhaust, short shifter, MACH1 shocks, Ford C-Springs, white face gauges.
Only repairs are front brake calipers (self-inflicted SCCA racing casualty) and alternator and battery...and four sets of tires.
Consistently gets 25-26 mpg on highway. I want to get a new car but can't find anything that I like better than this one...

Makes you sink into your seat!

..."I owned a 97 V-6 Standard Mustang, So much torque that the wheels will squeal even shifting out of 2nd Gear!
It could of easily pushed 150 but the governor stops it at 120.
Shifting out of 4th @ 112MPH with a whole gear to go! I challenged nearly everyone on the road and won. I would totally recommend this to anyone (who can pay the insurance haha!)"...

A weak pony, but a pony nontheless!
Source: Edmunds

...I bought this car from it's original owner for $1200 with only 98k miles on it.
It was my first car and at 15, I was in love at first site.
Mine was the 4 cylinder with the automatic and it was the most reliable car I've owned yet, even beating out my 91 Accord (chalk one up for America
!). I was proud of my Stang and babied it. I kept up with it and made sure it was maintained.
The paint never chipped or faded and the styling is classic and unique.
The 4 cylinder was fairly weak, but got about 30 mpg highway and 26 in the city. My biggest complaint was the lack of a...

The most iconic car in history: the Ford Mustang.

..."King of Cool Steve Mc Queen had one in Bullitt. He didn't drive a chevy camaro, nor dodge challenger.
Turn on the ignition in the Mustang GT, and it will reward you with the sound of Thunder.
This pony with a V8 will stir your soul! I pray that you do not drive a hybreed. Need to ask, here is your answer: I SMOKE EM!"...

2006 Ford Mustang GT Premium 2dr Coupe (4.6L 8cyl 5M)
Source: Edmunds

...I bought my preowned 06 a few weeks back and am very glad I did.
Screaming Yellow, car had some upgrades from previous owner (Airaid air filter system, Flowmaster exaust) It's about 360 horses of extreme fun.
Although the car had 51K on it, Honda dealer included 3 year 36K bumper to bumper waurranty, and I plan to get the best out of those 36,000 miles.
At 45 it was a mid-life crisis the wife even agreed with. LOL...

mustang killer
Source: MSN Autos

...i have left many in my dust when they want to get into my lane due to a parked car. Cons: bought the car in September 2010. Within the first 6 months of buying the car i put $3000 in repairs into it. due to the previous owner doing their own repairs. sunroof, alternator, coil, transmission lines, luck tumbler, power windows, and a wire connector from driver door to car frame. (to top this one off ford/mercury dont make this part anymore. so my mechanic used silicone to attach the wires to the frame) and to top it off affordable tires are impossible to find!!! unless you think $200 per tire is...

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