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Wrap around smile....

..."I purchased the 2009 Mustang GT knowing a better version was about to be released in 2010...

Best 80`s reliable sports car

..."My car is the 89` Mustang. I would trade a charger or camaro for the Stang.
Its my #1 fav. I have enjoyed the the 5 speed manual. it a quick car and is easy to tweak up. Its comfortable and is always reliable..."...

I love driving this car.

..."After more than two years of driving this car every day,
I still love walking up to it in the parking lot, Love firing up that wonderful V8,
Love going through the gears, Love on-ramps and passing, Love parking it in my garage, and love looking back at it after exiting.
Loads of fun even within the speed limit. Great noises through the RPM range.
Love hearing the changes in sound from 2000-3000 RPM, and then from 3000-4000 RPM, and occasionally from 4000-5000 RPM.
Plus, I think it actually likes it. And I must say, it has been very reliable. Very mechanically sound...

You Get What You Pay For

..."I was in the market for a '67 to '70 classic restored Boss or Shelby Mustang.
The prices are through the roof. I found a new black 2009 Shelby GT500 in a dealer showroom and took it home.
Had it two months and absolutely love the car. Best car purchase I've ever made and I've made many since I started driving 43 years ago. Wouldn't change a thing about the car."...

i own a stang

..."hi own a 95 mustang cobra svt and i love it. i spent 3 yrs lookin for a stang and im glad i did for what i pd for the car i cant beat it. great car and many more great times in my baby..."...

Fast and Good

..."Excellent daily driver and extremely fun. If you want something reliable but to have a blast with this is the car.
Beautiful color too. I've driven my 93 since 2002 and it's the most perfect car I've ever had. Easy to find parts, fun to play with new parts. It's fast, and it's real good. Like me."...

Excellent Car

..."I have had this vehicle for 5 years now, and I absolutely love it. It has the fast get-up and go that I want, and it's handling is out of this world. I have never had any troubles with this car."...

Reliable and Fun to Drive!

..."This car is and has been reliable for many years, and me being as lead-footed as I am, is saying a lot.
The only thing I have had to replace on my Mustang is the battery and tires, and that is after 6 years
!! This car is great for someone who needs a reliable form of transportation and is looking for a little fun while they are at it."...

my first and the best car

..."this is my first car and one of the best i have seen. The exteriors looks stunning and the interiors are good as well.I do own a new v6 and it has been just a month and i would say i love it."...

Fast, reliable, and good gas mileage?

..."I bought this car with 5K miles mint condition. The 03 SVT Mustang Cobra was teh fastest mustang ever built by Ford! Under John Coletti's leadership the SVT team made a true super snake...

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