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A fun car to drive,Reliable,sporty.

..."I have been very happy with the car,I have owned other small cars but this one tops them all dateing back to the 60s.
We plan on another ZX3 before Ford changes the body style
,in city and highway milage is exactly what was promised
,it rides better than the wifes Mustang GT but improvement in snow traction would be welcome
,the highway performance is one of its best features,its hard to keep it off 80mph,and it handles like a sports car,
no matter where we are going near or far most of the time we leave the Mustang GT at home and drive the fun car."...

Good car, but not as good as I thought
Source: MSN Autos

...Just about a week after purchasing, the car wouldn't start for anything, then miraculously start just fine. Found out it was the main relay that went out. It is a pain to get to, but it was rather inexpensive. Another problem I had was with the ignitor modual in the distributer. It went out and stranded me twice. That was rather inexpensive too, and rather easy to fix. The transmission is really jerky, and I hope that it doesn't go out, I only have 143,000 miles on it. For 140 hp, my car is pretty weak. My A/C needs recharging every year. Overall: Overall this car has been good. I would...

Most excelent car i had ever had

..."this is the best car built in the world, and i would buy a 10000000000000000000000 more if i had the money to do so in this life time. it's fast smooth and runs excellet"...

mid-life crisis treatment

..."I bought this car with only 6,000 miles on it. The car is like new and has several performance upgrades, including suspension.
The ride is firmer than I would prefer, but the handling is excellent.
The power drivers seat is comfortable, but the manual passenger seat does not have enough adjustment to be as comfortable.
Ford should include a power adjustable passenger seat as part of the premium package.There is a thumping or ratteling in the right front of the car, especially on rough roads.
This is a common complaint for the 2005-2009 Mustangs and Ford does not have a...

Best car I have ever owned

...I was very hard on this car - I had the V6 with an automatic transmission. It would spend every Wednesday night at the drag strip and I ran it like I stole it. I couldn't kill it. I had 116K on it when it met its demise - I wrecked it in a blizzard. That being said - these cars are very crash worthy. I deployed both airbags and walked away without a scratch. The car was totalled. I almost bought it back as "salvage" to rebuild it but decided to go for a V8 with a 5 speed instead. I'm sure someone has put it back together and will enjoy it as much as I did. If you buy a Mustang - just don't...

A pony is ment to ride

..."I think the Mustang is perfect car for beginner sports car owner and that every teenager should have one.
Also the car overall is stylish and it will get you were you are going when you really need it to.
I have recommened the car to many of my friends and even let them drive just to let them feel the power that the car can release!!"...

Excellent Used Car

..."Shopped around for a car for my 18 year old son when he was graduating from high school.
I luckily found this car - base 2 door coupe. One of the best purchases I ever made.
Bought it in May '04. Had 68K miles and looked like the day it rolled off the showroom floor.
The original owner took great care of it and all maintenance was done at the local Ford dealer.Now it has 86K miles and is still purring along."...

It is an absolutely amazing car!!

..."I love this car!!! It has a very nice body kit and exhaust. I wish i lived closer so that i could buy this car."...

very good car

..."i like it but needs more features , besides that i really like it,features that i would like to have in my car are:blue tooth,sun roof,cup holders on the back seats."...

Teenage Owner

..."I'm only 17 years old and Ive have gotten my first Mustang.
Its in immaculate condition and it runs great. I unfortunately have the V6 with the automatic transmission, which is the one thing about the car that I dont like.
But that aside, its still got some snap off the line and handles pretty decent. I'm planning on owning a Mustang for the rest of my life...

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