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Excellent Vehicle

...The power of the new V6 and the 6 speed trans really make it a total different car than the freestyle, even how the engine is mounted to the chassis rather than the sitting on top of the suspension, just give this car a totally different feel that the freestyle. Ford really has a winner here, it is too bad they were to blind to market it properly and then cme out with teh Flex, which although I kind of like, my wife hates and on the road they relly look kind of out of place. One thing I have noticed in my area is how quick these cars are moving off the used lot. My Eddie AWD had an MSRP of...

"Buyer Beware!"

...After sharing our concern with the Ford company, a letter was sent saying that there was something faulty about the brake pads and rotors and Ford would pay to replace them.Now at 30,000, we have been told by three separate garages (one being the one where we purchased the car) that we will now need to pay for four new tires in order for the car to pass inspection. This is the most expensive vehicle that we have ever owned. We have owned new Ford cars that cost half as much and in all cases, the tires lasted 50,000 miles or more. We have rotated the current tires regularly and have kept them...

Most comfortable car we've owned!

..."We purchased our Freestyle to replace a small saturn when we were expecting our 3rd child.
We initially purchased the vehicle out of necessity, and now we love it!
It is very comfortable and we can easily fit our 3 children and cargo. The gas mileage is outstanding, especially on the highway. Overally a very comfortable and reliable car!"...


..."I purchased the 2007 Freestyle used. I was looking for significant cargo capacity for camping and a comfortable cruiser for long road trips plus all wheel drive features.
This vehicle delivers on all accounts. Extremely smooth on the freeway and carries tons of stuff.
It is very heavy which contributes to the smooth ride but makes it a little sluggish around town, which for me is a justifiable trade-off.
I average about 25 MPG on the freeway and 22 around town. Great creature comforts too. Sweet ride for a middle-aged man."...

A winner

..."We traded our 2002 Ford Explorer for an 2007 FWD Freestyle SEL about 8 months ago.This is a terrific vehicle in styling
,comfort,utility,performance,and reliability.The first
time my sister took it on a long road trip she called enroute to ask if I thought the gas gauge was faulty.This question came because of the gas tank indicator dropping so slowly
,mileage turned out to be around 32mpg with cruise set at 75.Keep up the good work Ford!!"...

Perfect Family Vehicle!

...In the past 15 months or so that I've owned this vehicle, I can honestly say that I do not have a single complaint about its performance. I am averaging slightly below the advertised mpg at about 18-21 mpg even though I do mostly highway driving. I purchased this vehicle with the entertainment system, which I would not hesitate to do again - my teenage kids LOVE it! and it has been the saving grace on long trips. If I were pressed to pick something to change about this vehicle, I would add the ability to plug and play an iPod and I would add another accessory plug (for cell phone, etc) to the...

Great Vehicle

..."We have owned our '07 Limited Freestyle with 33,000 miles for almost two years now and we LOVE it!
Enough room for a family of four with space left over for visitors.
23 MPG in the city and no problems what-so-ever. We use it everyday in all kinds of weather and I really have no bad things to say.
I guess if you are really looking to find a down side it's that this is no race car, but when I need to pass on the freeway there is more than enough power to get what I need.
We plan on holding on to this car for many many years. I'll give ya another review in a couple of...

Super car, just what I wanted

..."I love the fact that I have everything I wanted in a car.
Its easy to get in and out, I have a very variable space, it has enough umph for me and its not so bulky like an SUV or Van. Its just all i wanted in a car."...

Awesome crossover
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: 28mpg without towing, awesome Cons: mpg goes down with wieght on the vehicle Overall: great ride andl look foward to more years , going on 50.000...

The best car i have ever driven!!

..."This car is the most comfortable car i have ever ridden/driven.
I know how in the past ford has not come up to standards but this car is the best car ever
!This is my second car, my first car was a 1994 fordexplorer this car is much more comfortable than that or my moms 1999 Camry!"...

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