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Poor Product
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Nice size. Overall smooth ride. Gas mileage is fair.
Cons: My main concern is the rear brakes that have had to be replaced (pads and rotors) twice in less than 4 years.
At 15,000 and then 35,000 miles. Mechanics agree this is not normal but Ford says it is normal for the Freestyle to wear in 20,000 miles.
The Freestyle also has poor rubber lining where the doors close that is ripping.
The two rear doors do not always fully close. Ford has not been helpful and is not looking to improve this product.
I have been loyal to Ford but after this I will not buy another...

my ford freestyle

..."This was one of the best vehicles i ever owned.The styling was very easy on the eyes,and the interior was very people friendly...

Watch your tansmission!

..."I have a 500 and recently bought this Freestyle. Both have rear brake issues.
The freestyle has the CVT in it, and I regret that.
mileage is unimpressive (21-22Hwy. compared to 27-28 for 500) and the CVT requires an expensive service every 50K.
The six speed is the way to go. However, they both do their job pretty reliably and the Freestyle has much better driving balance to it then the hobby-horse 500.
Cheap, cheap, cheap seats (typical of Ford), good ergonomics."...

Source: MSN Autos

...We get lots of snow in the winter and with this car I didn't even know I was driving on it. It handles beautifully (snow or no snow) and we actually feel safe in it. The transmission wasn't hard to get used to, you just have to learn to start slowing down sooner. My coworkers comment on it and are actually interested in one after seeing all of it. Cons: Tires are expensive Not the greatest gas mileage but can live with it. We knew we would have to give up good mileage to have a bigger vehicle. Overall: I would highly recommend this car. It's everything a person could want...

The Best car we have ever owned

...There are more cup holders than you can shake a stick at! The kids love it - the access to the back row of seats is very convenient for both adults and kids. The car has stadium seating, so everyone gets a good view. If you are inclined towards in-car movies then this care is perfect. The bottom line is that its a well made car, it is super safe (side air bags and side impact bar), it has none of the roll-over problems associated with other SUV's, and it is reliable. I would definitely buy another for my next car."...

Great Vehicle

..."Bought our 2005 Freestyle used two years ago, and it is a great vehicle.
Solid, dependable, no problems. Only dislike is the cloth seats.
Any spill does NOT come out. I have two small kids and like most kids, the have accidents. Other than that, a great vehicle. AWD is fantastic in the snow!"...

Great Family Vehicle

...Liked the versatility, 7 passenger seating with second row bench, and most of all the handling. Rides and handles like a dream - so quiet on the highway that I have to use cruise control regularly to avoid major speeding. FWD model gets great gas mileage for its size - over 30 mpg fully loaded on rural highways with high teens in city driving. A bit slow off the line unless you punch the accelerator, hurting your gas mileage, but midrange acceleration and hill climbing ability is very good. The CVT trasmission keeps the engine pulling steadily up a hill without a jerky and noisy downshift. As...

ok car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: over all I like the Freestyle But I have had several problems. Rear seat broke. Engine had Troubles, fuel pump went bad. Cons: Mechanical PROBLEMS Overall: I still like the Vehicle...

A cool version to a mini-van
Source: MSN Autos

...Fuel milage is quite acceptable for an awd vehicle (22MPH). It fits almost anything in it with easy lowing / folding of seats. It's durable for 3 kids to be inside of it, and yet has room to go pick Grandma and Grandpa when they get stuck and pull them out once you figure out what you can hook the chain to. Cons: The only complication of this vehicle would be having to tow it as it can only be hauled on a flat-bed (according to the owner's manual) Overall: This is a great vehicle and am also surprised Ford did not advertise them more. I never heard of it until we were looking for a bigger...

Good Choice
Source: MSN Autos

...The engine works well, and is low maintenance, as the transmission is CVT and needs no regular maintenance. As a result, there is no serpentine belt that needs to be replaced periodically. For this style vehicle, good highway gas mileage ranging from 23-26 mpg. Cons: Replaced brakes at approx. 40,000 miles. Seats stain easily. Poor gas mileage in town, averaging 12-15 mpg. Exterior finish looks good, but is cheap material. Overall: I would recommend this vehicle as a good alternative to a standard SUV or van. It is a dependable vehicle which will get you where you're going. The AWD works...

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