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FORD makes a good case for buying an import.
Source: MSN Autos

...Cons: I have had this car for 3 months,and it has been nothing but trouble. Overall: The first car I ever owned was a Ford(almost 40 years ago)and it was junk.I drove Dodge trucks and Oldsmobile cars most of my life,and enjoyed many years of trouble free driving. After swearing to never own another Ford,and keeping that promise to myself for all these years,I gave in and gave Ford another chance.What a huge mistake that was. After 3 months of headaches,trying to get the electrical problem fixed,I think my only option left is the LEMON LAW. Ford has been contacted,and has yet to do anything to...

Auto DSG needs work

..."Ford needs to re-evaluate its DSG if it wants to continue to sell this car. My vehicle had numerous visits to the dealer for problems with the transmission with no real fix...

Fun to drive little machine!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Easy handling, few gas compsumtion Cons: the acceleration Overall: Nice little car excellent for the city and great in highway!...

great sub compact

..."I owned a new 2007 accent and a aveo 2008,2009 fit.The fiesta se blows them away.No comparision.I'm getting 40/44 mpg city~hwy mixed.sync great sat.
great.going to renew.i have the automatic.a dry transmision
??relieblity who knows.Thats why we have extended warranties.drives like a mid size.Just purchased a 2011 escape and the a good cross over.I think Henry smiling from the grave"...

Ultimate tiny tots vehicle
Source: MSN Autos

...The seat did go back far enough so I could actually stretch my legs. With me being 6'0 240 that was obviously important. Even then after I test drove the vehicle for 20 minutes I was really grimacing just trying to get out. My wife who is 4'11 didn't have any problems. I was relieved when i got back to my Durango. Overall: If your on the small side it's perfect. I was looking for a commuter car to the Baltimore Area from York PA. There was no way I was going to make it in that car. It's fairly roomy for such a compact vehicle once your in but I could only wiggle so much before I got antsy...

Really, really great car

..."I am 62. I have owned many cars over many years, mostly small because that's what I prefer.
This car drives better than most any car. It handles extremely well.
The new automatic dual dry clutch automatic overall is great.
However, one must not be too gentle with it. It needs definite input from your foot otherwise it's computer brain gets a bit confused as to what you want.
Also, the transmission has a down hill button on the side of the shifter.
Use it. The transmission is excellent when used properly. Best cruise control ever. Excellent headlights. Quiet for small...

2011 fiesta
Source: Edmunds

...Bought this se sedan in sept 2010 with auto trans. Have 6500 miles on it now and have never seen under 40mpg on the interstate at 70 to 75mph.
City driving never under 30mpg. Very comforable seats front and back although a little short of legroom in back.
My wife and I have lower back troubles we had very little compaints after 8 hour drives.
Did have a check engine light come on in Florida and scanner found defective solinoid or sensor in evaporative control and emissions system.
Ford garage said ok to drive and had part replaced in Ky after 4 day wait.

Fiesta Wins Hands Down
Source: Edmunds

...I test drove 3 cars last week. A Mazda 2, which had the dash pressed up against my left knee and smelled of burnt oil after doing 70 on the highway.
The Honda Fit Sport, which really surprised me on the highway.
I had it at 70 and the engine was over reving, like it wanted to be shifted into a higher gear.
I was looking for an over drive button but the dealer who was also in the car said it didnt have one. That was a shocker...

Perfect for any college student
Source: Edmunds

...I'm a 20 year old college student and will be commuting 30 minutes away for the next fall semester and needed something that would be reliable and good on gas.
I happened across the Fiesta out of curiosity. I never dreamed I could afford a brand new car, the price and value are outstanding.
It's attractive and drives wonderfully. The stick adds fun into the drive, and at over 100mph it rode like I was driving 40.
The interior is attractive, and even though it lacks the luxury features I don't need any of that and really the only thing I notice I don't have is power...

Everything we expected
Source: Edmunds

...My wife an I purchased a white hatchback (we tinted the windows) about 20,000 miles ago.
Taken a trip from Detroit to NC and one to Fla. In the city we are getting 32.5 mpg.
On the highway with just my wife and I (no luggage) we get 45.0 mpg.
The car is quiet with little noise from without. could us a little more room for my right leg while driving.
Other than that, we have had no dissapointments with this car. Glad we bought the standard shift..lots of fun...

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