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Still working just fine, thank you

..."I bought this vehicle new in November of 1999, and have just hit 100 000 miles.
I replaced the original shocks with Edelbrocks, the aircleaner with a K&N, put in plantinum plugs and changed the tires to Michelins.
(remember the Firestone fiasco?) I have been very scrupulous in regular oil and other fluid changes.
The brakes lasted about 70 000 miles, and were changed out at a Brake and Muffler shop - sorry Ford, your rates are just too high.
My only problems were a leaky intake manifold gasket (Ford should have fixed this under warrant,
but didn't - you lost marks...

first new vehicle purchase

..."I bought the 2wd 4dr version in 1990 anddrove it for the next 18yrs(175,000 miles) with few issuesother then a blown head gasket and transmission failure.
Other than that nocomplaints.It served the family well and Ifound it hard to part with."...

Horrendous build quality

...The springs that operate the door handles were poorly constructed and thus will fail, resulting in a non-operating door and the loss of an entire weekend day repairing it. The interior has the same feel as the Nintendo Entertainment System, gray, plastic and dull. However, the Nintendo will survive twenty years of abuse. The Explorer won't. The Explorer has never mechanically failed to the point of stranding me, and, if you're looking for a vehicle that performs extremely well in the snow, the Explorer is certainly an excellent choice. Simply mount snow tires and 40 percent inclines covered...

Perfect Car

..."i have the limited model and it is awesome i drove
it to arizona for a trip and i handles perfect and is good at high sppeds the interior is super comfortable and it was good on gas miliage i recommend this car to anyone wanna a good used SUV"...

Pretty good suv

..."Bought new and has 150k. Led's on radio and direction/temp readouts have failed.
Tie rod went bad. The timing chain tensioner has failed twice.
The auto door lock system has a current problem. Top of the line shocks and tires helped bone jarring rear suspension. Reliable otherwise, holding up ok"...

not the best but good

..."bought the car used, drives great when runs. rebuilt engine tranny, brakes as usual.
car, like I said runs good but has nit pick problems all the time but is older and lots o miles.Do wish I would have bought her new tho. Would reccomend to a friend."...

Great Vehicle!!

..."I bought my Explorer with 105,000 miles.3 1/2 years later with 199
,000 miles,I am not given this car up.Aside from recently replacing my alternator
,I have not had any issues mechanically.I drive it 60 miles a day and granted gas mileage aint the best,I still love my truck.Explorers Rock!!"...

I Loved This Vehicle

..."I bought this SUV used in 2004. First 4-wheel drive I've ever owned.
Got me through a lot of snow through the years and only had to put it in 4-wheel drive a couple of times.
Very comfortable, plenty of leg room front and back.
Went for quite a while before any problems. Just sold it recently to get something newer,
when sold there was rust around the rear fenders, the check engine light was on and both of the arm lifts on the back storage area had broken off.
It had over 170,000 miles on it. If I could afford to own 2 vehicles I would still have it and wouldn't have...

Great car !!

..."Great car...Bought used - I put over 100,000 miles on it, still runs great.
There is a few things that have broken (diver door lock )light on raidio.It went throught a very bad hail storm (2+ inch)Next I would like the SPORT-TRAC (same- diffent body)"...

won't die

...Changed oil every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. New plugs, wires and Maco paint job at 100K, rebuilt trans at 125,000, put in new shocks and alternator at 135,000. Same timing chain, when she goes thats it. On my third set of tires, get at least 80k but I rotate in the spare. I think the most amazing thing, haven't done a thing to the exhaust. Think it's stainless steel and here in Seattle we don't salt the roads. 4-wheel drive always gets me up to the passes for winter fun. Really only issue is my high mount rear brake light is almost a near impossible do-it-yourself repair. Did replace the cassette...

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