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...35 to fill up but dats due to gas prices, and the only con i have is that the speed odemeter only goes to 100 and dats it....wat... Overall: van is completely worth it,but if you loking for upgraded van with calss and apperence and still have the space and everything you should go with an upgraded version in my case i have the explorer edition the van LOOKS TOTALLY different from the rest of the vans bigger wheels, paintjob, kits(front,sideand rear),tv dvd,leather fully wont even tell its the same astro van that if you are loking for a real van if not the regular astro is cool plus theres no...

Family car that drives like a sports car.
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...Pros: The difference between the quality of domestic and import cars is unbelievable.
I traded a 2002 Explorer for my 04 Accord. I know that I went from an SUV to a sedan but the quality of car is so much different.
My Explorer depreciated almost 60% in just 2 years and I lost alot of money on it.
My car rocks. Cons: I wish the Accords interior was pretreated with Scotchguard for spills and dirt instead of having to purchase the interior package for more money.
The cost is VERY cheap and covers everything for 5 years but it is sort of ridiculous. Overall: GREAT CAR...

Too many problems, never again!!!

...You cannot replace just the one Cat converter. Its an entire Y shaped unit that must be purchased as a whole, not just the converter. So after it was fixed, I went another week and the engine went caput on my way to work, up a hill. Had another engine installed! 2,000 bucks later... Kept having a clunk went I up hills. Another visit to a repair shop to find out the rear mount was going out. AND.... my transmission is now going. Major issues driving down the road with or without cruise on, the vehicle feels like it doesn't get enough gas but I am being told its the tranny going out. Everything...

Sports trac xls
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...Pros: Good looks , good performance , plenty of room ,
automatic rear window Cons: noisy, poor fuel economy,
xls no power mirrow, borring Overall: I now have 16,000 mile on my sports trac for the most part it has been a great truck.It handles well has good power and a proven engine.
The only problems I have with the car are bad fuel economy, no power mirrows on the xls ( no excuse for this ) and very noisy at highway speeds.
I just wish that ford would have redesing the explorer sports trac when they did the new explorers.
The sports trac still ride on the original...

Great vehicle for the price

...Right now (May 2009 at least) you can pick these up for dirt cheap. The thing you will notice most is the extremely comfortable ride, its very smooth on the road. The interior is, well, its a Ford so you cant expect anything fancy. But its not horrendous. The leather is a little slippery and if you make sharp turns your butt may move around a bit. If you can get the cloth, get the cloth, as the seats are MUCH more comfortable. The handling is so-so. The V8 is by no means "fast" but its extremely noticeable over the V6. Its not so great on gas. Overall a great vehicle for the price."...

Better than an Explorer
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...Good Handling for a SUV of this size..Takes corners extremely well. Much better than the Ford Explorer. and 10 times better than the '03 Durangos. Cons: Got the SLT package with cloth seats...spend the extra money for the leather seats. Cloth seats are not as comfortable as they could be. Body styling takes getting used to. Sort of looks like a mini-van from the side...UGHHH!!! Couldn't get heated leather seats in the SLT model...have to get the Limited. Overall: Decent vehicle for the money, but could quickly get out of hand with the Limited model...


..."Great car to drive this vehicle is looks of fun in the good weather and bad it really works great in the fields also"...

2nd MB is a 400E
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...I bought this car with 77K miles on it after my 1986
300E was hit from behind at 45 MPH by a Ford Explorer ( lady picking up toy on passenger side floor for child in car seat) The 300 folded nicely and after a year of PT I bought the 400.
I have very much enjoyed the car. The only issues that really was bad is the wiring harness on the engine was a little to "enviromentally friendly" and literally started breaking down in operation.
It was a 1K replacement with replacement and the 90K mile service. Make sure this was already done if you buy one - or ask for a discount because...

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...I'm to young for a sedan and woulfdnever be caught in a mini-van. A SUV was a no brainer. Upon several different make and model test drives, the Explorer was the one. Great price, good quality and it's surprisingly safe(I was a little worried after the firestone ordeal). Trust me, I spent many days researching every SUV out their and this vehicle is one of the best on the market. Cons: 30,000 miles and no problems. Keep in mind that a possibility for Overall: Over all this is a very nice truck. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend a Explorer to anyone in the market for a...

No more SUV!
Source: Edmunds

...Absolute joy to drive! Plenty of power (any more and I'd be in trouble) and handles and drives so much better than my Explorer.
Interior room was a concern, but so far I haven't missed it.
I just returned from a 1500 mile roadtrip with mountains, interstates, and some snow, and the car handled it all better than anything I've ever driven.
I considered the Forester, but I just liked the sportier feel (and lower price) of the OBS...

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