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Awesome Drive!!!
Source: Edmunds

...I love the drive on this car. It drives so smooth and its so spacious.
I have test drove so many cars and when I drove the car I fell in love at first drive. I bought the car in 04/2011 and I have not had a problem with it. My son loves the car inside as well...

2010 Dodge Charger Rallye Rocks!
Source: Edmunds

...This car has plenty of power. Highway passing is accomplished with ease. I love the size of this vehicle as well. It's huge, which is great for me as I have 2 kids. I can easily get my daughter into her car seat, and there's still room for 2 adults in the back seat. Trunk space is great too. This is really a great family sedan. And this is a good looking vehicle as well. I got the optional 20 inch chrome wheels and it really makes this car standout. One thing you might have to get used to is people coming up to you and asking you about the car. It is a head turner...

A HUGE improvement!
Source: MSN Autos

...And the Tail lights..that was what sold me. The new body lines are reminicent of the 1999 R/T concept. Mine is Black, and it get plenty of looks. I think it's 1 of 5 in the area at the moment. It's well equipped too, the 2006 R/T was fast but boring and ill equipped. 2011 ties everything together by touch screen. All in all a HUGE improvement! Cons: Not sure how it will handle in snow. V6 is a little eniemic off the line, but I was used to a Hemi. Overall: Exterior; beautiful! Interior; Fantastic! Kudos to the team who redesigned it at Dodge...

Dodge Charger RT Girl
Source: Edmunds

...I LOVE this car!! I wanted to get something with plenty of room but still sporty, my husband and I went shopping and we saw this red Charger RT and I automatically wanted to drive it!
I pressed the gas and I had that feeling, The feeling of LOVE!!! I have had it for a year and I love it now as much as I did the day I drove it home...

Great Job Dodge
Source: Edmunds

...I absolutley love my Charger. City wide my gas mileage is easily 22- 24mpg.
My husband can only seem to get about 16mpg! After 11 months and 20,000 miles; people still stop me and ask how I like it, how it drives, and if I'd buy another one.
Yes I plan too! I've not experienced any problems whatsoever. Great job Dodge!!...

Love my new R/T
Source: Edmunds

...Love this car to the point I had to write about. I am a tall and wide guy (6'3 250) so I need some head and shoulder room.
Car shopping left me sick of small "economical" cars with road noise problems or big plush SUVs with wimpy engines.
After that I had been eyeballing the Challengers with the 2011 Charger as a close second.
Side by side with the new Charger: it's killer new interior, the updated scooped doors, and tail lights put me over the edge.
The R/T plus RWD fulfilled all gadget-lust needs (heated/cooled cup warmers, etc...) plus thick leather, killer dash...

Not Worth it!

...yet handling does not excel in return; more orange peel than in any car I have ever owned; etc. Yes. There are likes, but at nearly $50,000.00, I cannot justify the mainly cosmetic-only perks. The car is powerful, but the car pulls to the right when you put the pedal to the metal. In retrospect, I should have waited for the 2011 Dodge Charger R/T with HEMI V8 and AWD, but the lease on my 2008 Mustang GT (car traded) was up before the '11 Dodge Charger was released and I really wanted a sedan, thus, did not look at the 2011 Dodge Challenger. Also, the Challenger and Mustang are NOT offered in...

RT Fuel Mileage better than expected
Source: Edmunds

...On one open stretch of I-95 I bumped it down to 65mph and averaged between 31 and 33mpg. The system also kicks in while driving city roads around 30mph. The car has averaged about 21mpg in the city, just as good as many V6 models out there without the fuel management system. The car itself is great to drive. Fit and finish are excellent. The RT base package is all ones really needs- remote start, 8.4" Uconnect w/bluetooth, 18" alloy wheels, spoiler. A similarly equipped V6 will save you a few thousand dollars, but you'll get the value back with the RT at trade...

Love this car!

..."I really love this car! I've had my eye on a Charger since the 2010 model - wanted to wait until the 2011's came out because of the promise of a slight exterior redesign and some other improvements.
I was disappointed when the cars first appeared on the Dodge website - I thought the color choices were terrible.
I've always insisted on a blue car - there was no option at all for that. But I still wanted to at least check things out...


..."I just bought the 2011 Charger R/T Road and Track package with Super Track Pak and Driver Convenience group.
I must say this car is awesome!! Like what everyone says,
the nice Hemi rumble yet the amazingly quiet ride when off the gas is great.All the features that come standard on this car are simply jaw-dropping.
The vehicle performs extremely well for being 4000+lbs...

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