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The Family Van
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Excellent handling, quiet ride for a van type vehicle.
Price was attractive, compared to other competitive vans.
Stow away seats are a real plus including there ease of use.
Cons: Video radio panel display not user friendly.
Need softer leather seats and cruise control arm should not move with steering wheel.
The "boxy" styling could be improved in future models. Overall: This is my fourth Chrysler van and it seems to be holding up very well. This vehicle makes for a good family van...

Had my doughts but in the long run very nice car

..."I bought the van used with 45k miles on it. It now has 145k and going strong.
Im not a fan of American workmanship any more and compared to my Toyotas it has been one of the better cars Ive ever owned.
The only real problem Ive had is the ABS brakes but teh dealer replaced the pump 2x without charge.
If you are active one thing I found out after owning a van its hard to be satisfied with just a car again they do so much."...

Don't Buy This Van.
Source: Edmunds

...Electrical would cut out until igition replaced (ran, but no wipers, turn signals, etc) and worked fine for a while. New problem: just shuts off while driving. Twice so far. As in NOTHING worked, including the steering. Yes, you read that correctly. Driving down the road then the thing shut off and there was NO STEERING. I have also had the problem with the sliding doors opening after they seem to be shut, but you can only shut them if the car is in park. Poor design feature to say the least. I will never buy Chrysler again. If I could afford to, I would get rid of this now. It is unsafe...

Our first Chrysler
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Its fun to drive and a great set of wheels for our five grand kids Cons: After 25 ks it is beginning to age... Overall: Good wheels...

T&C 2008
Source: Edmunds

...What I dont like is that I have to replace the brakes every year and that is really $$$...

T & C better than Caravan

..."I had a Town and Country for father-in-law had a Grand Caravan Sport...same year same mileage.
It seemed like the TC was nicer, more attractive, and the GCSport was more of a minivan than a nice vehicle.
The TC drove better...had a softer feel, where the GCsport suspension was harder, the TC was softer feel."...

I love it!

..."I have the 2008 Touring and I love it! I bought it brand new with 8 miles on it and I now have 38000 miles on it and I have never had a problem with it.
I have not had brake problems. The stow and go seats are hard but that's my only complaint. I expect great things from chrysler I have owned several and will buy more in the future."...

i guess its ok
Source: MSN Autos

...All of these items have been replaced a few times with only 30k on it and they dont have revised items they just put on the same style ac hose that keeps blowing out and send me on my way and then they wont fix it correctly as far as putting a new accumulator dryer after the system has been open for who knows how long. i noticed that the hose is to short and it keeps tearing it. Overall: pretty good vehicle. I wouldn't say i would never buy another one but just say i will do a little more looking next time before i jump into signing the papers...

Amazing Mini-Van
Source: MSN Autos

...The bumper to bumper life time warranty that was offered is unheard of and a tremendous deal. The price of the vehicle was too good to pass up also. Cons: We did have running boards installed on our van. It gave it a sort of "sporty" look. And made getting in the van so much easier (especially in the rear compartments). Glad we added that feature. Overall: We plan to own this vehicle for a very long time. And, in the future if we should need another mini van, our Chrysler dealer will be the first place we will visit...

Great Car

..."I bought this car new, and has been a good car since.
Gas is not bad for a minivan with the 4.0L since i am an easy driver and average around 20 around town.
I love the overall interior quality in the Limited version.
The car is great for road trips with all the friendly features.
The only problems are that it had a battery problem,
which was taken care of for free, at about 13k miles, and sometimes in the winters, the doors will be a bit frozen and the doors wont be able to be opened except by hand."...

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