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I love my Crossfire
Source: Edmunds

...I was searching for a cute, reliable, economical sports car.
Ruled out Infiniti and the Nissan 350 for this wonderful Crossfire.
I purchased my 2004 in 2007 at a really good price were it only had 25K miles on it.
The body had no nicks or scratches and looked brand new.
It has been a fun car to drive and I always get positive comments on this looker. However, maintenance can be pricey being that everything under the hood is Mercedes...

2004 Crossfire

..."I have owned three Crossfires (2 coupes and one convertible), and would recommend this car to anyone looking for a quick, well built, nimble, fuel efficient, head-turner!
I have also owned numerous Mercedes Benz including several SL models and the Crossfire clearly compares with any of the Mercedes I have owned in terms of fit, finish and performance.
For the price of what these are selling for on the used car market (and I don't understand the reason for the low resale?)you would be crazy not to take a look!!"...

It has German manners and a drive it like you stole it attitude!
Source: MSN Autos

...The computer has been recalibrated to afford maximum speed and the governor has been reprogrammed. The car now has 310 BHP at 3000 RPM and handles like a dream. I love the car. Alabaster White with dark slate grey and cedar interior is eye catching. rebadged with crossfire coupe logo and KARMANN under the wing and on the front of the air cleaner assembly. Cons: Not a whole lot. Added sirius radio in a neat Kenwood Marine finished reciever adding a bit more power to the weak factory system. Overall: Can not understand why this car did not take off in the American market place. It is a great...

Absolutely "FUN" to drive

...Then I got lucky....November 2011 I spotted a red one located 2 hours from me. Emailed the gentleman all my questions and set up a test drive. He was 83 years old and had seen his first Crossfire in Phoenix Az. while visting his son. My sweetheart bought it for me for Christmas! Told you I got LUCKY!The person who said it has no interior lights needs to have his bulbs does have lights and considering the interior is adequate. He also complained about no traction in the rain...seems like he may be all wet about that too.Sorry...there is nothing I don't like about...

Greatest Fun & Functional Vehicle
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I love everything about this vehicle and use the GPS all the time during long trips and it gets me there safely and the fastest way.
Cons: Nothing yet. Overall: I've put almost 19,000 miles and bought my crossfire new (43 miles) as a 2006 purchased in 2007.
It is powerful, fun to drive and love the heated seats when it is chilly outside...

These cars are a steal

..."With the Crossfire, you get proven Mercedes technology (i.e.
previous generation SLK), drop dead looks, decent power and great handling.
Add in the incredible discounts that the dealers are offering ($10,000+ off of sticker) and this car is an incredible deal.
I've owned two now and still love every minute I spend in the car.
They've been very reliable, but when you do need service, it's tough to find a decent Chrysler dealer who knows how to work on these. That said, I would highly recommend this car."...

Still love It
Source: MSN Autos

...I have never experienced one quality issue and the service from the Plano Texas dealership where I purchased the car new has always been terrific. Cons: Tire wear is terrible and I am into my third set with only 25,000 miles on the car. I have also had some on and off problems with the CD player (would not eject). It is also necessary to replace the wiper blades every 6 months; I know the Texas heat can be hard on them but I have a 2005 Altima and have yet to repalce the original set. These issues are minor compared to the enjoyment I get from driving my Crossfire.Chrysler still does a very...

Love my Crossfire
Source: Edmunds

...Bought my Crossfire Limited Roadster a few months ago.
Car had 13,000 miles and cost 17,600.00 after a little haggling.
My old car was a 1997 Mazda Miata. What a difference.
The Crossfire looks better, rides better, gets good gas mileage and could blow the doors off the Miata.
Can't wait til spring. It's cold and slippery here in the great white north. Crossfires are not winter cars...

Love It
Source: CarGurus have to disable traction control to drift... and it drives smooth...
bad thing is mine isnt standard... and i wish it was srt6 :( uhmmm dont like stock colors too much or the 18 front wheels and 19 rear wheels..
they also dont make too many things for it. but overall its a wonderful car...

Source: Edmunds

...I've owned over 50 cars in my life and this car has to be the most dependable car I've ever owned.
It's perfect, I don't see why their values won't hold up, they are fabulous cars and they're a blast to drive...

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