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The Best Car Yet
Source: CarGurus

...I know alot of people here in Pa wouldn't buy this kind of car, but considering I'm from the south... I see alot of these babies all over the place...

Good value for the money

..."I have driven Chrysler's for 30 years and I have noted an improvement in quality and styling.
The 2007 300C continues the trend for me. I am impressed with the comfort and the ride quality.
The features such as the auto-dimming headlights and rain sensing wipers do tend to make one lazy, but...
My wife appreciates the heated seats and the sound system.
The only qualm I have is that my 1993 Concord LXI got over 30 MPG on the highway but the fuel mileage numbers have dropped with each successive vehicle.
I am getting 24 - 25 MPG on the highway, so I am not complaining...

I Once In A Life Time Oppertunity
Source: CarGurus all should like this car is exillerating i love
itand will recemend this to a frien that needs it for alsort like work and getting from a - b and also for a really good ride on the motoway lovly...

Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: all of it its the car which can present me Cons: nothing Overall: before the 300c srt8 i wasn't had an idea of what will be my car in future but now i can tell you guys what's my car...

A gentleman's hot rod

...I have had in excess of 100 cars since then. Since the introduction of the newest rear wheel drive 300 I have been drooling. I am now the proud owner of an '08 300C, and I am very pleased with all aspects of this vehicle. I am not a foreign car fan, although I've had really nice ones in the past. I am a domestic, rear wheel drive, V-8 person. I've had 7 Corvettes, 6 Mustangs, and numerous other vehicles from hot rods, and sports cars to luxurious types.The New 300C gives me all of those attributes in one car without breaking the bank, or killing me at the gas pump!"...

Its All That You Ever Dream About!
Source: CarGurus

...The music system will blow you away, its got amazing speed,
it has a sporty side of it, its even easy for freshers in the driving usual alles automatic and well refined,
its a reccomendable birthday gift from our lovely boyfriends:)so you high spenders who wanna blow her away,
i got the answer...this chrysler babe....i'd reccomend a convertible though but its a hott babe!!!...

Awesome, Fast Car, Can Hold 5 People,plus Inside And Out....outstanding!
Source: CarGurus

...It rides like a sports car, great handling, hugs the road, as you step on the accelerator, you will feel like the cars in the 60's and 70's. Fast with loads of torque. The seats hug you just right, the SRT8 logo right into the seat, it is a beautifull car in and out. When you look inbetween the spokes of the mags, you see awesome large, shiney, break calipers, with slotted rotors for extra cooling, the braking system is so good, you stop so fast, you will need to look in the reveiw mirror to make sure you don't stop to quick, others have no idea how quickly this car car be slowed down, with...

300c Srt8
Source: CarGurus

...I think there an alright car, bit big and heavy but they have the power to move when needed...

Passes Everything But A Gas Station
Source: CarGurus

...This car is the most fun I've had driving a domestic car. It's fast and agile, comfortable inside, and very quiet and smooth...

Power, economy, safety, all wheel drive, room

..."Used to buy Cadillacs. Can't fit in them any more.
I am 6'6" and Cadillac doesn't want us anymore. So I went looking and for the money I don't think you can do better than the 300C.
Fully adjustable driving position. Power when you need it and the 4 cylinder shutdown on the Hemi so far gets 24 mpg.
Very quiet.Plastic interior gets a B. Not bad but not exceptional. Good fit and finish. Exterior paint superb. I polish cars for fun and no flaws found. Great long distance road car."...

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