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2012 Cruze Eco

...So I was interested to see what kind of mileage we would get on the longer drive. Well on this trip we drove 252.9 miles total, with about 20 miles in town, and in Bloomington (home of the Hoosiers) almost every street has a stop sign if you are not on a main highway, so a lot of stop and go driving. We filled up with gas when we got back, as I said we drove 252.9 miles. It took $21.15 to fill up @ 3.599 a gallon which is 5.8766. I rounded that to 5.88. To my surprise it came to 43.01 (mpg) miles per gallon. The car was fun to drive and handled very well on the 2 lane highway of U.S. 50...

Chevy hits a home run
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Great looking small car with the best interior in its class.
Test drove a Ford Focus, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla amd the Cruze blew them away.
Super quiet smooth ride. I got the 2LT with the RS option in victory red.
Cons: It could use more storage bins. A little doggy in first gear but I believe it is geared that way to save gas. Overall: I love the car. Go buy one...

I am amazed
Source: MSN Autos

...The car rides nice and handles great. It is a nice looking car internally and externally and has a lot features. Cons: i am use to putting my sunglasses up near the rear view mirror now i have to get use to a new place. Overall: i looked at all of the small cars the civic is nice but it is outdated and small looking, the Focus looks nice, but come on, a focus, nobody cool, can say they own a focus Ford should have changed the name. the Sentra is outdated but still a nice car . I did not look at the mazda and the Elentra is nice too but a little smaller than the Cruze. I am very happy with...

2012 Chevy Cruze LTZ
Source: Edmunds

...What a difference two years can make --great ride , fuel mileage and an unusually great interior quality and ride for a car this size,,,,it's about time
!!!.this vehicle in its ride and comfort surpasses the Toyotas of my not hesitate!!!! and it is mostly made in North America, how about that!!! PETE IN FLORIDA...

New to Cruze

..."I rented the 2012 Cruze from Alamo in Great Falls Mt for 10 days.
Not knowing anything about the Cruze, I was pleasantly surprised at its performance and comfort and style...It has good acceleration and snappy handling.
Comfort is good, though some may say that the seats are a little narrow.
I found the seats quite snug which to me is a plus. I am over six feet tall and getting in an out of the car is not a problem, however it may be difficult if one is overweight and very tall...

great car
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: i have the rs trim and love the stylish looks. traded an impala in on this car, love the fuel mileage and everything else about it. Cons: none Overall: style, looks, mileage whats not to like...

Cruze better than hybrid

..."I recently purchase a new 2012 Cruze Eco with the Auto transmission.
I am so happy with this car, on the freeway it is super quite, has a great ride an best of all i was able to best the estimated mpg.
Driving on the freeway I got 49.5 MPG!!!! and this is an automatic.
it was incredible to drive over 560 miles without filling up the gas tank. With my old Ford focus I was filling up every 2 days. Bye Bye ford. Chevy Cruze really hit a home run with this car."...

new car

..."I got the Eco model, bought on about Aug 7, 2011. Just took it to New York from Missouri and got about 39 mpg average for the first 1700 miles the car has on it.
Love the styling in and out, on star navigation is amazing and the car handles like a champ.
Only complaint is that the seats aren't the most comfortable. Any car ride of over 1200 miles is a long time to sit in a car though."...

2012 1LT Cruze Auto Gold Mist
Source: Edmunds

...I love my Cruze. I was looking at the Mazda 3 sky active but the 1LT had more options at the same price point.
When I was just thinking about getting a new car here comes a $2000 GM card holder rebate in the mail.
Plus $750 USAA rebate made for a very nice deal. It's getting as advertised gas mileage.
I looked at the Malibu as well because rebates are high on that model but the interior of the Cruze is much nicer in my opinion.
Love the switch blade key. I own 2 GM vehicles now and couldn't be happier.
I've sat in the back seat and there seems to be a fair amount of...

Worth 5,000 dollars

..."My father has this car as a rental and one word i can say for it is small.
three grown adult were squished in the back of the car with no leg room at all.
The car did have leather but that was fastly disgraced by the cheap fabric on the dash board . dont buy this car chevy did a very bad job."...

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