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Mercedes quality at Camaro performance

...No break downs, nothing broke on the car. Fun and light, easily maneuverable, quick and great in the rain. I would put the quality up against any car. It still has the original turbo, shocks, exhaust and rotors on it! The biggest surprise about this car is how much you can haul in it, as the back seats fold down and it has a hatchback, that has a rear windshield wiper. While the drivers seat is 6-way power and the wheel tilts, the wheel does not telescope - that is my only complaint. The car is fast, handles great and gets 25 mpg. Nice leather interior. I also looked at the '96 Z28 and...

It is a eye catcher...

..."I purchased this car a week ago and I am more than pleased with it. It is everything I thought and more..."...

93 owner

..."I have had my 1993 for about a year now. 40th anv. edition. This car is 16 years old and is still so strong and gets compliments daily. Very sexy looking and great looking."...

Smile every day

..."Best purchase ever. Never owned a new car before, did the NCM delivery. WOW...haven't stopped smiling since I put the key fob in my pocket."...

Lots of fun

..."A lot of car then, and for today, these cars perform like many others can only hope to.
Using state of art technology for the time these cars are incredible values considering their capability. Definitely a car for the sports minded enthusiast."...

I've owned 8 corvettes

..."Have you ever seen an ugly C5 or C6? These corvettes are awesome. Wouldn't own another model. Best bang for your buck too!"...


..."I have owned 6 vettes Trans Am,Camaro, Mustang,Triumph,etc.Bang for the buck,can't beat it.
The 91 I bought in May is everything I hoped it would be,it has 245hp,adaquate,6speed got 25.3mpg on 800k trip. Nuff said."...

First Thoughts

..."Wow, I also own a Jaguar XJR and thought it was fast with its Supercharged V-8 delivering 320 HP, but this baby is scary fast.
Just bought her and since the dealer wasn't with me, I have romped it hard.
I didn't get the Handling package in mine but it handles extremely well as is.
Excellent sound system to cover any wind noises and more guages than anyone needs, but toooooooo much fun.
I will rate again after I have owned it a while, but can't imagine my initial review to change.
I took some advice from many sources and I share it with you. If you are thinking about...

Z06 faster than a porsche

..."Well built, reliable, fun, and good value. Decent gas milage, good top end gearing.
Distortion of back window is bad, but livable. Goodyear runflats are real losers, but no room for spares....look for Yokahamas, better in rain."...

I love my Vette!

...The sleek design and the way it handles makes it so much fun to drive. I love the deep powerful sound the motor gives off. It is pretty good on gas, I average about 18.8 mpg. This isn't too bad considering I tend to get on the gas and I drive it in town a lot. The leather is very comfortable and I absolutely love the heads up display. I honestly have no complaints about this wonderful machine. I would recommend a Corvette to anyone who wants a fast fun and classic ride!"...

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