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My first Chevy

..."This past spring I purchased a 2008 cobalt lt which is actually my first chevy.
my family has traditionally purchased hondas and toyotas because they are supposidly "better vehicles
." however my cobalt drives handles and runs better than the honda, toyota, and acura we have parked in our driveway.
to anyone looking to purchase a solid built reliable car, take a good look at the cobalt. i get up to 38 highway with my 5 speed manual and without a doubt couldnt be happier with this car."...

White SI Sedan
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: The acceleration is good, along with the handling, I really enjoy the sound of the motor and the sporty ride.
Works well for 4 adults and provide decent gas milage about as much as you could expect from a car with this performance.
Cons: I have some rattles at 9k and reverse does grind unless you are completely stoped also the shape of the rear doors limits carrying large items.
I would really like to see this car get the 2.4 from the TSX and alittle more power to compete with the MS3, and the Cobalt SS alittle better.
However this is the better looking and better...

bang for the buck

..."This is my second Cobalt SS. The supercharged one I had was totaled in feb of 08.
I bought the turbo SS in june and never looked back. It handles better and is quicker than my other one stock! GM made a quailty car!"...

One of the best cars I've had
Source: Edmunds

...With a stock engine pushing 205hp the car is very reliable. The day after I bought the Cobalt I drove 1100 just stoping to fill up for gas. In a month I put over 2000 miles on the car. Ihe interior is average for the size of the car. It does have a pretty big trunk. Also the factory Pioneer audio system with the sub was a very nice touch. The only problem that I had with the car was if you pump octane 83 gas on it (like I did) and drive for about 7-8 hrs the car will feel shaky like it's not getting enough fuel so I stick with pumping it with 91 octane...

5 Speed Manual LS

...Very high gas mileage if I don't drive it to hard, it is a very fun little car though, so Gas mileage is about 27-28 overall. 37-40+ is easily achieved by taking it easy and coasting around. The styling on the coupe is fantastic, very minimal but good lines and attractive rear end. I don't care much for the 4-door's taillights or body lines though. Nice layout for controls. Interior materials feel a bit cheap overall but expected for economy car. Interior a bit low for taller drivers, but back seat is rather roomy for a coupe. Overall very satisfied with the value."...

'04 Accord Bliss
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I loved my Accord. I traded it for a Chevy Cobalt last month, which I love too, but I do regret not keeping my Honda.
I had a few minor problems when I purchased the car, which the dealer fixed and I had no major problems, everything was more like the power seat seemed sluggish, or the window lock would not engage.
I purchased from a Honda dealership in Dallas TX. I would recommend the car, but not the dealership.
Cons: My only con of my Honda was that it was expensive to service,
but I also only will have my local Honda dealer service it Overall: Overall, the car is...

over all its great

..."good price, great milage. not bad for the long trips either. a little more power wouldn't hurt but overall the car is worth the money"...

Great Car, Great Value

..."Formerly owned a Civic Si, but that had brake failure.
This new Cobalt SS handles great and drives well. Seats are nice, and it is rather quick.
Millage isn't half bad, 28 combined driving. It was a great buy, considering nothing for 24k can offer this much bang for the buck. I have driven 22,000 miles, and not had one problem."...

Affordable Sedan
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Affordable Cons: No attention to the little things in quality for the interior.
Of course, you get what you pay for. Overall: Buy this car if you need to get from point A to B. Not a luxury vehicle by any means. Gas mileage is not as good as advertised...

Not Good Luck

..."I don't know if my car is a lemon or what but i would not recommend this car to a friend.
I have just had bad luck with my car and it seems like something is always breaking. I've had transmission problems, speaker problems, and had to have a fuse box replaced."...

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