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Under Rated Performance
Source: Edmunds

...Here comes the underdog. It has a supercharger, it makes boost whenever you press the gas.
The engine puts more horsepower to the ground then it's rated at and has dominated every form of racing it has been used in.
Brake performance is exceptional, especially when you consider the cars price class and weight. Ove all the best bang-for-buck performance car in the last few years...

Plain truth

..."For speed, value & handling this car is great! Interior detailing is not longlasting at all and TAKE NOTE...NOT GOOD TRACTION ON DIRT, GRAVEL, SNOW OR ICE!"...

Hot hot hot
Source: Edmunds

...This car is fast. It almost has as much acceleration as my 750 cc motorcycle.
Makes short work of an $80K BMW. This car is so much fun to drive.
Looks great and to boot 40 mpg highway out of the 2.0 I chose the Cobalt due to the fact I had such great experience with the Cavalier.
Car is loaded with everything you could want. Great job Chevrolet. Thank you...

From an F150 to this
Source: Edmunds

...I am 6'3" and love this car. It appears small from the outside, however the leg room is amazing.
The seats are comfortable, though a little too stiff if you are making trips of 60+ miles.
The gas mileage is great, 28 MPG so far. The five speed gives you a lot of control and the engine builds power all the way to the red line of 6500.
GM offers performance exhaust and a stage 2 kit that will put this engine at 250+ hp.
Add an after market intake and you are looking at 260+ hp in a very light car.
Awesome handling, I live near the "dragon" in Tennessee and I can tear...


..."I've owned the 07 Chevy Cobalt since Sept 2007. Since that time it has cost me amost $3000 for repairs that weren't covered by the warranty.
The plastic exterior is falling off the vehicle, the interior is cheap and boring.
It is horrible driving in the winter. Just a little dust of snow and I am sliding all over the place.
I would not recomend buying this vehicle. I have had mine on the market for almost 8 months and can't sell it even under book price.
The last vehicle I owned was a Toyota that lasted me 10 years..I thought I was being smart by getting a less expensive...

Does what I bought it for

..."For a compact it rides well and has good acceration. Mileage is excellent and I have had only one minor issue."...

Great looking rocket!
Source: Edmunds

...Getting 40 + miles per gallon going easy on the highway. The sport red color with the 18 inch chrome wheels is awesome. Other than an occasional minor rattle (might be beacuse it's wintertime), this car is absolutely a must as long as you're not worried about a small backseat or using it for construction projects.I have a 2004 Avalanche that I now can use for carting my gear only. I'm now saving a lot on gas and wear and tear. The bottom line: If you're looking for a fast and fun car to drive, you've got to consider this car! Feels like the old days. Power with no worry of fuel!...

GM got me back
Source: Edmunds

...I love this car. It handles way better then my Integra did and the low end power is there.
It pulls through the rpm range very strong. Shifts are very quick with no drama.
Seats have lots of long haul comfort. I take this car 600 miles in a weekend just about every month and it's a blast to drive...

So much fun
Source: Edmunds

...This car is so fun to drive. I used to have a Sentra Spec-v and this Cobalt SS is so much more fun. I love it...

This thing flies!
Source: Edmunds

...This car is extremely fun to drive. The LDS helps keep the torque steer under control and the bolstered leather seats adorned with embroidered "SS" logos hold you firmly in place while accelerating.
Driver be will quickly climb the RPM band with this supercharged power plant!
The throws are short and the gears engage with ease, beware of the sportingly short clutch...not a bad thing!
The car handles incredible through both the curvies and the straight aways.
Not to mention, the gas mileage has been incredible...especially for a supercharged engine! I'd...

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