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The First Car

..."For a 17 year old in High School, owning a car like this is a dream for some.
Most people have mustangs but I wanted something different.
My Grandmother gave me her white RS at 170,000 miles and still runs like new. Of course I treat the car like my baby. I would highly recommend this car to anyone."...

Best Fun per $,very reliable performance car

...The engine turns 2000 RPM @ 75mph, gets 23 MPG, is very quick, will go 150mph, and is a ball to drive. Only problem we have had was covered under warranty; the needle bearing retainers on the rocker arms failed about 62,000 miles. Dealer replaced and it has run like a watch ever since. The motor and transmission (auto) are extremely dependable and the rear end is good in stock form. With major mods, the rear end is simply not strong enough. This is the BEST performance car for the money you can buy. We paid $10,500 for it with 52,500 miles on it and it is still an eye catching, fun to drive...

Best Sports Car of The Year

..."I would recomend this car to anyone. My Camaro has over 200,000 miles, and still runs and looks like it just got off the showline.
I live in a snowy area, and it still start right up when it's below 10 degrees outside and handles perfectly on the snow.
If you're lookin for a Camaro, I recomment gettin this year, especially if price plays a role."...

Great Buy!

..."I've driven this car and as Camaro's go it has everything you want including a custom paint job.
Car has been well maintained and outside of few blemishes on the exterior it looks great.
The steering is tight and the ride is what you expect from a sports car. I would definitely recommend this car."...

Great car, power definately in supplie

..."This car leaves little to be desired when you give er,
with its 5.7L V8, its like having the camaro without the camaro price tag,
I have a sports suspension, and when my friends who own camaro's drive my car they cant tell the difference in perfomance from thiers to mine.
Awsome car lasts a long time but like with any car if you abuse it and floor it constantly problems are sure to follow a mature driver,
most certainly this car can be a car that will last you many years"...

great car

..."it such a good and very nice looking vehicle,very
depenable and the power that this car has was just very comforable.i would recommend this car cause it handles very well also.the interior was so comforable too!
i can not wait to buy a new one when the time comes."...




..."I've driven this specific style and year. It DOES NOT handle snow very well.
At all. If there's more than a light dusting, the car just slides and fishtails.
I do not recommend driving it in Michigan winters. I do however recommend it for any other time of year. This car handles amazingly, looks fantastic, and isn't too hard on the wallet gas-wise."...

runs forever


Firebird Formula: Power and Style

..."Has the horsepower (275) and exterior styling to make a great GM sports car.
The interior was cheap and pieces moved around a bit, but the car makes up for this in performance.
The only maintenance problem I've had was the distributer, or optispark, which is a common problem for Camaro/Firebird/Corvettes with LT1 engines during the early 1990's."...

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