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It does everything and more than a full size truck (for me)
Source: MSN Autos

...I had trouble with a Blazer's engine. No problems over the last 2 years of ownership besides the usual small things like the alternator, tires, battery. Being over 6'2", I have to duck down to see the traffic lights. More headroom. Overall: I will definately buy a newer one when I get tired of this one. This van does everything and more than I would ever do with a full size truck. I will look for an Astro with an extended top since my current van barely fits in my garage anyway. The side mirrors have to be collapsed to get in the garage (8' wide door). This is the best combination of a...


..."I bought this car used with only 60000 miles on it.
The gas gauge stopped working, the ABS works whenever it feels like it, the cover for the jack doesnt stay on anymore, the suspension rattles and the door panels are coming loose.
I havent ever had a car fall apart like this one has. Chevy, you really shouldnt have produced this car and accepted it as a completed product."...

Don't waste your money
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: Loved the looks when it was new. Comfortable front seats.
Plenty of room for storage!! Cons: Many electrical problems, rusted from inside out, trim peeled after only a couple years.
Goes thru ball joints quickly. Poor gas mileage. Not for winter driving without 4WD and doesn't take corners well.
Rust bucket! Overall: Totally disappointed in this SUV. I use to be a major Chevy fan, this changed my mind big time!...

My Baby!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: The way it handles in the snow! Cons: The gas mileage stinks! Overall: It is a great car, but not for commuting...

Never again!!!!!

..."I loved my Blazer when I first got it. It was great.
Two years into having the car, I had to replace ball joints and barrings every 6months to a year.
The the bushings on the doors kept going. My 4Wheel drive had to be replaced 2 times.
The front end of this car is just raggy. I just traded it in. Now it can be someone elses headache. A buyer beware."...

Best condition i've seen in a five year old car

..."when I went to see the car i couldn't believe how well the maintenance had been kept.
The body is in great shape, and the interior is flawless, not to mention the great sound of the bose cd audio system. I would have bought it myself, but I want one with a manuel transmission."...

i earned this :)

..."this was the first car i purchased with my own hard earned money, and i love it, its a great car and it was for a very decent price.
there are a few minor things that need attention like the dome and map lights and the rear wiper blade but thats nothing i cant fix myself. overall this was definitly a good prchase"...

1st car i owned

..."i'll never again buy a 2 door SUV. They are too uncomfortable and too inpractical. the best thing about it was it's turning capabilities. it could do a full 360 with minimum space."...

I love my Chevy!!!!
Source: MSN Autos

...Pros: I love everything about this vehicle. We bought ours this year and have not regreted any second of it
!! Cons: Gas Mileage, but what do you expect for a 4wd
!!! Towing capacity, but that is what we have our trucks for! Overall: I LOVE this vehicle. It is perfect for the smaller families wanting an SUV that is not full size...

Still Running Strong!
Source: Edmunds

...I am lucky that I have a short commute and have only put 84,000 miles on it. I have not had any major issues except for repairs here and there. Recently the head gasket went, but my mechanic told me its because the coolant used by GM (DEX-COOL) actually deteriorated the gasket. There was a class action lawsuit about this back in 2005, but I did not know about it. Other than that, its been perfect. It's stil fun to drive and feel almost as good as the day I bought it. My only major complaint is gas mileage, especially compared to vehicles today. I usually get about 16-17 mpg on average...

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