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...Pros: I love the look. I got the Pearl Diamond color and I really love it.
It is very roomy and comfortable. The leather seats are soft and have 6 different heat settings!
The navigation system/radio tuner interface is really easy to operate.
It is really powerful and the overall feel is not "bulky" as you would think. Cons: Not that I can think of. Overall: Overall it is a great luxury SUV with lots of room and comfort...

Truely, the Ultimate Truck
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...The seats are new, but different from the 1999 versions. Time will tell if the are as comfortable when the get "broken in". The shoulder harness arrangement is taking some time to get used to as seatbelt arrangement has changed with the EXT. Overall: This truck handles well for a truck and is fun to drive. She has plenty of flexibility and character under the hood. Sure it has excesses, but if its what you want, you will not be disappointed. My salesman was top notch. I bought my first Cadillac SUV from him and he was a true professional in this purchase as well as the first. I have never had...

best suv on planet
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...Pros: best suv on the planet Cons: absolutely nothing Overall: in its class the best suv ever...

Still The Best Truck Period
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...Strong truck held up really good. But the deer died. Soon as I got hit. My on star came on. No I didn't even have to touch a thing. The on star person asked me was I ok. I said yes! They knew I was hit and called the police and a towing truck. I did nothing. I didn't have to call for a towing truck or even a police. Or even a car rental. I got my rental in 10 minutes and I was gone. Cons: The price is too high! But you are getting alot with this truck. Overall: I give the truck 5 stars. I love my truck and I will buy another when it is time. There isn't another truck or car for me...

The Ultimate LUXURY SUV.
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...Pros: Very powerful and comfortable.Seats Seven in comfort and has room for everyones baggage.
Cons: The cadillac cups provided hit each other and make a sound .The cupholders should be placed further appart.
Overall: My main concern is safety not gas mileage.ONSTAR
and the Stabilitrac system are what all cars should have.Great convienence and packaging.Now I am waiting to see if Cadillac will build the Ultimate Luxury car.If they do I will buy it...

Outstanding all around vehicle, pretty and it does the work load.
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...Pros: Handling, comfort, 19 MPG for a large vehicle, computer package, GPS, style Cons: removal and replace rear seats are difficult, caps on running boards poorly designed for lots of snow and ice.
Overall: If GM could increase the fuel economy of this vehicle I would buy a newer version, this is my 2nd one adn I love them but feel it is important to do my part in safekeeping the environment...

20-something loving her Caddy!
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...I love OnStar, the Nav system is a lifesaver- it maybe a bit more expensive, but WELL worth the money. Cons: The head room in the back seat is not up to par! My father-in-law has to scoot the seat back to ride with us. Also the exterior paint is not good. It dings easily so be careful! Although I do love the Nav system it is VERY outdated. It had restaurants on it that had been closed for over 10 years! Overall: I agree with another user shop around for the BEST deal. I got mine over $12K below sticker. I love to drive it and love to ride in it, can't get much better than that...

Love my big new toy!
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...The car really accelerates well for such a big vehicle. I LOVE the Bose sound system, and also the XM Satelite radio. It is the best! Cons: There is not a good place for me to keep my cell phone while it is charging. It also takes a bit getting used to while braking. I used to have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it seemed to brake better. Overall: I just got this car last week, and I really dig it. It is so much fun to drive! It is big, classy and comfortable. I don't mind driving wherever my firends and I go, and they certainly don't mind riding in it...

My Dream came true
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...Pros: I like all of that vehicle Cons: nothin Overall: I always dream that whebn I grow up Im gonna buy this vehicle...

Still the Best Luxury SUV on the market.
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...Pros: This truck is great. One of the best luxury truck on the market because it's a real SUV not a crossover with unibody contruction.
It has ride comfort and does well off road. The best power in its class.
Cons: Wish cadillac would have made it more cadillac like the gmc like.
Overall: Why pay 48,000 for a fully loaded denali when you can get better proformance with the Cadillac.
Wonderful travel vechile. Excellent ride and power. It's been out awhile now a still one of the top 3 luxury SUV's out there the only other real SUV's close to it is infinity and range rover...

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