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Very good car
Source: Edmunds

...This was a perfect car in every way but the brakes. It ate brakes and the manufactures knew it. I would get 20- 30K on new brake pads and it was back to change them...


..."Excellent around town ca. Reliable and plain. All you would ever need in a car. I would recommend anyone who wants a reliable car."...

Very Nice Car
Source: Edmunds

...It has good acceleration and handles very well in the city.
I work for a Buick dealership so I have the chance to drive every Buick model from different years,
I also have the chance to drive many other cars, domestic and imported, but the Regal is my favorite. I will probably buy a newer Regal in the future...

My first love.
Source: Edmunds

...How many 20 year old males do you know, that are dying to own a Buick Regal Gran Sport? This was me, every day, asking my neighbor lady to sell me her car.
One day she came home with a new car, & told me where I could find her 92 Regal.
For 5K I drove home in my very first car. I've had that Buick for almost 4 years now, and the only complaint I have is the brakes.
All 4 calipers, rotors, lines, & the booster have been replaced.
The brake pads wear out every year just like clockwork.
No matter what, the brakes always feel weak. Other than brakes & routine mantainence...

One Buick Regal GS is not enough
Source: Edmunds

...One in Trenton, NJ area and the other in White Plains, NY. I emailed Coleman and the salesman called the next morning. A pristine condition fully loaded 2004 Black GS just off a three year lease with 42k enticed me to drive over 50 miles to see it. After getting the sticker reduced by over $1000, and seeing the excellent shape of the black paint, I bought it. Now I have a car that I know and love and am making sure that all the tips and techniques that I put into the first will go into the second. I also got an extended 3 year and 36k mile Major Guard Coverage GM Protection Plan, which was...

Good family car

..."We went from 4 suv vehicles to this buick. We mainly purchased the car for the roominess and the mpg.
I am disapointed in the ride of the front bench seat.
Long rides are not as comfortable as our tahoe. Passenger leg room is inadequate for tall, large people.
The car is hard to get out of if you have leg problems--too low to the ground.
Overall the maintenance has been minimal (replaced rear shocks at 100,000). I would like to see the glove box eliminated or reduced in size."...

2004 Buick Regal GS
Source: Edmunds

...The Regal is a stable, reliable, good looking intermidiate size four-door sedan that gives you pride of ownership, along with every day utilization.
The GS model package comes with a 240 HP supercharged 3.8 V-six, touring suspension and Goodyear Eagle tires that gives the Regal an impressive performance feel and handling.
I previously owned a 1995 Regal for 5 years that had not one problem during that period demonstrating it's reliability and quality of workmanship.
The Regal final assembly is in Oshawa, Ontario Canada...

A great and reliable car
Source: Edmunds

...Fun car, reliable. The 3.8 engine is awesome. The interior falls apart as well as the plastic items on the outside.
For example, the center console arm rest shredded and the gear shift console caved in.
The turn signal casing on the front driver's side fell off.
The leather held up well. OUt engine has over 145,000 miles on it and it still runs great! Overall, we liked this car so much we bought one ten years newer to rplace it...

1996 buick regal custom
Source: Edmunds

...bought new. no major problems, routine and minor repair cost. still runs superb. plan on driving for another 100,000 miles...

I owns one
Source: Edmunds

...hello i have an 4dr with an sunroof i had mine since 03/2004 itz an very nice dependable car an fast i hav gotten several speedin tickets,
i had a lil major work done thru out the years, bt never the engine or transmission gave me any problems yet
!!!!!! im still holdin on strong, my car dealer is suprise i still hav it lol, dey wants me to get another kind from them lol...

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