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2011 BMW X3 xDrive28i
Source: Edmunds

...The feel on the road is nice and solid. Heated steering wheel is great in cold temps but the location of the button sucks. BMW could improve their ergonomics and sound system. The iPod connection system has a mind of it's own. The sound system in my Infiniti had better sound. I love the look of his car from the front. $1200+ for a trailer hitch is a joke. Yakima and Thule does not have a roof rack compatible with this vehicle. Initial acceleration is a bit slow at times which is weird for a car that claims the Ultimate Driving Experience...

It can't get any better than this.
Source: Edmunds

...This is my 7th BMW and I couldn't be happier. Looks stunning.
Drives like a sports car. Comfortable sports seats that hugs you.
It's been 300 miles and I'm still getting use to the fun.
I had the older X3 and this is night and day. The old x3 drived like a truck and was not comfortable at all. The 2012 model is extremely smooth with its 7 gears...

2008 X3 Still the Best

...Neither the 2005 or 08 were fully maxed out on options. Leatherette interior for example. I love the drive and the solid aspect of feeling the road plus power. I love this new 08 but it drives a little differently. Not as much of a road hugger as the 05 and 6 gears now is a slower start with less "punch" - BMW could add a few more luxury interior features (places to stow stuff) for all their vehicles but overall I LOVE this model. I drive a lot of miles for work and never get tired after a days worth of driving. It seems a little lighter body wise - less "thunk" when closing the doors...

Love the car but...
Source: Edmunds

...This is our first 2012 BMW X3 35i M Sports Package.
My husband and I love the car but it drifts right.
Even on a flat road the car will veer to the right if you let go of the steering wheel.
The dealership had it for a week and came back and said that this was normal for the X3's.
Does anyone else's X3 drift to the right? It's very noticeable at high speeds but you can still notice it at lower speeds...

the most fun to drive suv
Source: Edmunds far 3000 miles of fun driving, no problems, excellent comfort and quality all around, my 5th bmw, great power...

Source: Edmunds

...BMW denied any brake issues. When I picked the vehicle up from BMW body shop I had to return it. All of the brake indicator lights on the dashboard lit up. I loved how my vehicle handled, but there were frequent trips to the repair shop, including previous brake jobs. It was disturbing and disappointing that BMW denied a major issue that could have resulted in casualties. BMW blamed the car mats for the accident (sounds familiar). Yet they returned the vehicle with mats in same position. Car was in service 2 wks before accident. A co-worker friend had similiar experience...

2012 BMW X 3

..."I recently bought an X3 with M sport package. I searched most of the competing brands - infinity, lexus, Audi, MB.
BMW stands out. Its performance is way better than an Audi or Infinity. BMs are truly the driving machines"...

2012 X3 M Fully Loaded WOW WOW WOW!
Source: Edmunds

...Baby number 3 is on the way. I have always wanted the X5 the one that seats 7. When it came out in 2007 I waited and waited so that I could buy a fully loaded used one. The one I wanted brand new was 90,000.00 but I was 22 and there was just no way at that age. Im 28 now, and baby number 3 on the way I went to my usual BMW dealership and saw the fully loaded X3 M. I thought. What the heck Ill just drive it and pretend I can have it. Its been a month and a half and I LOVE IT. I cant take corners in it like the mini but it will do. (I kept the mini anyway) Its luxury...

Source: Edmunds

...We own a 2007 x3 and has been to the shop 7 times on top of the schedule maintenances.
We were stranded on a major Hwy IH35- and had SUV towed twice for engine overheating,
waterpump replaced, thermostat on another trip, brake pads at 33k miles,
engine leaking at 55k miles (paid $600 to replace engine gaskets) ,
Engine coils replaced, computer reprogrammed for idle problems, door and roof seals letting air in (got very noisy) Buy one and you'll see what I'm talking about.
The dealer and BMW will tell you this is NORMAL FOR A BMW!! or just go by their shop before you...

MY Wife Loves It

..."My wife has wanted a really nice car for quite some time.
We checked out a lot of the top brands, MB, VW, Lexus, and many others.
The BMW X3 was the right size, right price and the service is free for 4 years or 50,000 miles.
The car we had was 8 years old and had only 69,000 miles. I am looking forward to no bills for service for 4 years."...

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2012 BMW X3

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2012 BMW X3

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2012 BMW X3

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