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...Pros: 656 Cons: 5656 Overall: dsxdfs...

Bently Continental Flying Spur '07
Source: CarGurus

...Performance- 340 km/h, very powerful about 500 hp. Build Quality- Very solid car Appearance- the grille looks very nice,looks very nice, quite long but built very well.
Cost of Ownership- takes in a lot of gas. Fun Factor-8...

10 reasons not to buy a Bentley
Source: Edmunds

...Nice to drive with quite enough power (until one drives a Speed version).
Good ride and comfy cabin. All that is marred/spoiled by Bentley Motors' hateful behavior towards it's customers.
My Flying Spur (which, when we purchased it, had never been owned by anyone but Bentley Motors and the dealer) now has paint peeling in a bunch of places,
an inaccurate speedo, an inaccurate odometer, throws codes seemingly at random, and is now plagued by a shrill noise in the cockpit the dealer was too busy to fix prior to a 7000 mile trip.
For us at least, owning a car is not just...

The Best of the Rest
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...Pros: The acceleration on this car is so powerful, you don't notice it.
The ride is incredibly smooth, and the brakes are very powerful.
The seat warmers in the back make this car so comfortable, and the massagers in the front also.
the unique trays in the back serve beautifully. I love the ease of handling the car. Cons: nothing Overall: This car is incredible. I would recommend it to anyone...

2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur
Source: CarGurus

...Amazing performance from the 6.0 litre W12 engine and pure luxury inside.
I drove one of these at 150mph and it's just as calm as 50mph!
Another trick is being able to set the car's ride and performance levels and when in sport mode it feels like a car half it's size an weight...

oh snaps!
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...Pros: best car ever. This car #@%^& off the bezes and the bimmers and everything else except rolls-royce. Cons: nothing. Overall: buy it!...

Bentley Continental Flying Spur
Source: CarGurus

...Love the braking because it is very sensitive and works very well.
It has had very few problems, although a wire did slip in the back seat's seat warmers.
Beautiful appearance. Expensive to take care of because it's only about 8 miles per gallon, gas guzzler. SO much fun to drive, especially on an open road, and when someone cuts you off...

Flying Spur...... Certainly Flies
Source: CarGurus

...Having driven a few high end cars, this beast must be the quickest thing away from the lights, with it's 550 hp and four wheel drive and amazing traction........
This car is made to do the job 10 times over and can out perform the most so called supercars.
The only downfall is the poor vision through the quarter light windows and the 9 mpg isnt the best in the world, but then fun comes at a price :-)...

snakes in paradise
Source: Edmunds

...!!!), and failed to ethically address additional issues with this vehicle. After 4 years with this car, we wish we'd never purchased it. It often throws codes on startup, which will get expensive when the extended warranty expires. Poor warranty service/aftercare is a nightmare on any item. On a vehicle at this price point, it is an outrage. It can be great fun to drive for such a huge sedan, but, without proper, kind, and ethical factory support, it's nothing more than atarted up piece of garbage we wish we'd never purchased...

Stunning Performance Saloon
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...The world has gone slightly crazy in terms of horsepower, but when you get behind the wheel of this car it just brings a massive smile to your face...

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