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2010 Nissan GT-R

2010 Nissan GT-R Review: Part 2 - Driving The Beast

It whirs and clicks. 'Mechanical' is the description that comes to mind over and over. You hear the whirring of the engine and robotic clicks of the dual clutch transmission behind you. I found it pretty cool, conveying its operations although the owner was talking about adding sound insulation... read more

June 20, 2010 by 
2010 Nissan GT-R

Price to Performance Ratio: LFA vs GT-R Drag Race

When Top Gear reviewed the Lexus LFA on the show, Jeremy Clarkson pointed out that the Lexus LFA was “six times” more expensive than Nissan’s all-wheel-drive GT-R. Yet... read more May 10, 2010 by 

Switzer Performance P800 Nissan GT-R

Switzer Performance Unleashes 800 Horsepower From Nissan’s GT-R

Oberlin, Ohio isn’t the likely site for a company specializing in high-output power upgrades for exotic cars, but the state is home to Switzer Performance Innovations... read more April 12, 2010 by 

AMS Performance R35 Nissan GT-R

America’s AMS Performance Builds World’s First Nine Second R35 Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R is the quintessential Japanese sports car--high-tech, efficient and with styling that could only have come from the Land of the Rising Sun--but when it comes... read more March 28, 2010 by 

2010 Nissan GT-R

2011 Nissan GT-R Priced From $84,060, Base Model Eliminated

The Nissan GT-R is a self-defined paradox: the affordable, every-day supercar that doesn't let you modify it; that costs surprising amounts to maintain; and that isn't... read more March 11, 2010 by 

2010 Nissan GTR GT1 race cars

Nissan GT-R GT1 Race Cars Unveiled In Paris

FIA GT1 racing is a no-holds-barred battle royale among the world's top carmakers, with some of the fastest production-based cars in the world taking to the track against... read more March 5, 2010 by 

Tommy Kaira R35 Nissan GT-R

Tommy Kaira Edition Nissan GT-R

Tommy Kaira has been a long time tuner for high-end luxury and sports cars. Founded back in 1968 in Kyoto, Japan Tommy Kaira signature cars have become some of the most... read more March 1, 2010 by 

2010 Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R Driver Ventilates Block While Passing Car

Imagine, driving your new Nissan GT-R just a month after you've had the transmission rebuilt and strengthened to overcome its well-known gearbox issues. You're cruising along... read more February 1, 2010 by 

Nissan GT-R GT1 race car

Nissan Releases New Specs & Images For FIA-GT1 GT-R Race Car

Nissan is on the verge of entering its giant-killing GT-R supercar into an FIA sanctioned GT1 race, with the automaker today releasing new images of the race-prepped GT-R GT1... read more January 14, 2010 by 

Nismo Club Sports Package Custom GT-R

Nissan Announces Nismo Club Sports Package Custom For 2010 GT-R

January is usually dominated with news about the Detroit Auto Show but the month also plays host to the annual Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan’s equivalent to SEMA. This... read more January 6, 2010 by 

Abu Dhabi Police Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R Police Car: For the Force That Has Everything

The old saying that no matter how fast your car is, it can't outrun the radio is still as true as ever, but the cops in Abu Dhabi will have a little less incentive to call... read more November 18, 2009 by 

2011 Nissan GT-R SpecM spy shots

2011 Nissan GT-R SpecM May Crack $200,000 Mark

Earlier this year we saw the introduction of the limited-production GT-R SpecV model, a stripped down version of the already extreme Japanese supercar designed for hardcore... read more November 17, 2009 by 

2009 Nissan GT-R

2011 Nissan GT-R Preview

Since Nissan launched the original R35 GT-R supercar back in late 2007, the car has been subjected to a program of continuous improvement that culminated with the launch of... read more October 20, 2009 by 

nissan gt r official1 motorauthority 027

Report: Nissan Exec Confirms R36 Replacement For GT-R

The development and launch of the current R35 Nissan GT-R was an epic achievement for the Japanese automaker. After all, Nissan was able design and engineer a sports car... read more October 5, 2009 by 

2009 Nissan GT-R

More Updates Coming For 2011 Nissan GT-R

Since Nissan launched the original 2009 R35 GT-R back in late 2007, the car has been subjected to a program of continuous improvement that culminated with the launch of the... read more October 1, 2009 by 

2010 Lotus Evora Type 124 Racecar

Lotus Unveils Evora Type 124 Endurance Racecar

With all the hype and ballyhoo over Nurburgring times for production cars like the 2010 Nissan GT-R, 2010 Corvette ZR-1, and 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo, it's easy to forget that... read more September 11, 2009 by 


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