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2008 Lotus Exige S

Details emerge on 2011 Lotus Scura

Lotus' dark side has been released in the form of a lightweight and powerful special edition Exige. Its called the Scura and it has been all the hype this past week for car lovers everywhere. Just hours after its world debut at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show, we now have actual pictures and concrete... read more

October 23, 2009 by 
2010 Lotus Exige Cup 260

Preview: 2010 Lotus Exige Cup 260

Improving on a car that's premised around precision, lightness and a perfect balance between minimalism and equipment has to be a tough task, but Lotus has done it again with... read more August 26, 2009 by 

2010 Hennessey Venom GT Concept Preview Sketch

272-mph 2010 Hennessey Venom GT Coming To Next Geneva Motor Show

American-designed and built supercars are on the comeback, it seems, with the Devon Motorworks GTX coming to this weekend's Pebble Beach Concours and now Hennessey... read more August 12, 2009 by 

Lotus Elise SC

Lotus USA now offering supercharger kits for standard Elise, Exige

The power-to-lightness ratio of the naturally-aspirated Lotus Elise and Exige models has never been found lacking, being some of the most competent street/track cars... read more August 3, 2009 by 

Lotus Evora

Mike Kimberley leaves position as Lotus CEO

With a recipe for lightweight, fun and fast trackday cars for the street, Lotus Cars has been on a roll of late. The new Evora has been widely hailed as a styling hit, and as... read more July 20, 2009 by 

2009 Lotus Challenge Series

Lotus backs America’s fledgling Lotus Challenge Series as official sponsor

The Lotus Challenge Series was begun in 2008 by long-time Lotus enthusiast Jim Navarro along with support from fellow Lotus enthusiasts Jack Fried and Robb Bonanno. To help... read more June 27, 2009 by 

Ecotricity wind-powered car rendering

Ecotricity's electric sports car nearing production

Environmentally friendly electrical utilities company Ecotricity has been selling green electricity for over a decade, but its founder Dale Vince has decided to take on a... read more March 17, 2009 by 

lotus evora live 004

Lotus planning supercharged, convertible Evora variants for 2011

Europeans are gearing up for the May release of the new Lotus Evora, but already there's something else to look forward to: a convertible version, due to hit the streets in... read more March 12, 2009 by 

2010 Lotus Exige S facelift

More power dialed up for facelifted Lotus Exige S

An updated Exige S is set to do battle at race tracks around the world with the help of more power, improved aerodynamics and increased safety. Visual changes to the car... read more March 4, 2009 by 

UK Garage Lotus Extrema

UK Garage introduces V8-powered Lotus Extrema

UK Garage is a specialty vehicle importer located in Italy that has a penchant for modifying cars such as this latest Lotus Exige, which has been given the V8 treatment... read more January 25, 2009 by 

Custom Lotus 2-Eleven track car gets historic design

Custom Lotus 2-Eleven track car gets historic design

Lotus' aggressive yet diminutive track-focused two-seaters, like the Elise and Exige and their many variants, are widely known for their excellent handling characteristics... read more October 30, 2008 by 

2009 Lotus Exige Sport Cup 260

Lotus updates Exige Sport Cup 260 for 2009

Keeping Colin Chapman’s belief of increased performance through less weight clearly in mind when enhancing the Exige Sport Cup 260, Lotus engineers have improved on the... read more October 1, 2008 by 

Geneva preview: Lotus Exige 270E Trifuel

Geneva preview: Lotus Exige 270E Trifuel

Whether you buy into the promise of biofuels or think they do more harm to the environment than good, the industry is running with them - especially ethanol - and so more and... read more March 1, 2008 by 

Power boost for 2008 Lotus Exige S

Power boost for 2008 Lotus Exige S

Lotus has upgraded its Exige S yet again for 2008, introducing a range of new features including a new performance pack boosting peak power to 232hp (179kW) at 8,000rpm from... read more February 26, 2008 by 

Lotus releases 2008 Exige Sport Cup 260

Lotus releases 2008 Exige Sport Cup 260

Colin Chapman's legacy of added lightness is making a comeback - not just in performance cars, but in run-of-the-mill daily drivers as well. Less weight means more exciting... read more February 14, 2008 by 

Lotus Exige Sprint celebrates 40 years of production

Lotus Exige Sprint celebrates 40 years of production

Lotus has used one of its models from the early 1970s as inspiration for a special edition version of its current Exige, designed to commemorate the start of Lotus production... read more January 22, 2008 by 


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