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ZR Auto Ferrari Enzo ZXX

ZR Auto ZXX Is The Rebirth Of Targa Newfoundland-Crashed Ferrari Enzo: Video

Back in 2011, Ferrari Enzo owner Zahir Rana was competing in the Targa Newfoundland when things went very wrong. Rana lost control of the car and ended up in the Atlantic ocean. The car was nearly destroyed. MUST SEE: Jeep Driver Out-Jerks Corvette Driver's Jerk Parking Job: Video But it’s... read more

September 25, 2014 by 
tax the rich ferrari enzo

Here's A Ferrari Enzo Getting Dirty, Sideways: Video

If you had access to a seemingly endless stable of high-dollar exotics and supercars, what would you do with them? Would you drive them around carefully? Perhaps you'd take... read more November 26, 2013 by 

Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari Enzo and FXX - Image: Garage Zénith

Michael Schumacher Ferrari Enzo And One-Off FXX Up For Sale

If you’re looking for a car with some significant history and one very famous owner, then Swiss supercar dealer Garage Zénith might be worth a visit. The... read more June 24, 2013 by 

Ferrari Enzo supercar in the mud

Go Rallying With A… Ferrari Enzo Supercar?

If you thought a Rolls-Royce Phantom being flung through the mud was shocking, wait until you see this clip depicting a Ferrari Enzo doing the same. The latest video once... read more February 12, 2013 by 

Ferrari Enzo test mule spy shots

Ferrari Enzo Hybrid Coming By The End Of 2012: di Montezemolo

Luca di Montezemolo is many things: a snazzy dresser, a political powerhouse in Italy, and, most relevant to us, the chairman of Ferrari. As part of the most recent quarter's... read more May 11, 2012 by 

Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

Abandoned Ferrari Enzo *Not* For Sale, Says Dubai Police--It's Evidence

Last August we brought you news of a dust-shrouded, incredibly pitiful Ferrari Enzo (amongst a small fleet of other luxury vehicles) that had been apparently abandoned... read more April 26, 2012 by 

Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

Ferrari Enzo Abandoned In Dubai To Finally Be Auctioned Off

Remember the poor Ferrari Enzo supercar abandoned in Dubai that we reported on last August? Well, it’s still sitting in the same police impound lot we last saw it in... read more April 24, 2012 by 

Supercar Traffic Jam

Awesomely Ridiculous Supercar Traffic Jam: Video

Traffic jams are no fun, unless that traffic jam is completely full of supercars. Then the traffic jam is pure entertainment. Recently someone caught over 150 supercars... read more October 28, 2011 by 

Silverlit Ferrari Enzo Bluetooth RC

Ferrari Enzo Smartphone App

No, we're not talking about the upcoming Enzo successor. And no, Ferrari's hardest street car won't be getting a lock/unlock smartphone app (as far as we know). This here is... read more October 15, 2011 by 

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo Replacement To Get Mid-Engine V-12, Carbon Fiber Chassis: Report

The constant low rumble about the coming Ferrari Enzo replacement over the past few years is beginning to rise into a roar as it draws nearer to production. The latest info... read more October 5, 2011 by 

11 supercars owned by Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo were seized in Paris

Equatorial Guinea President’s Supercar Fleet Seized In Paris

A total of 11 supercars owned by Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the president of the tiny African nation of Equatorial Guinea, were seized in Paris, France yesterday. The... read more September 29, 2011 by 

Zahir Rana's custom enzo crashes at the 2011 Targa Newfoundland

Zahir Rana Talks About His Ferrari Enzo Crash At Targa Newfoundland: Video

Crashing a car is never a fun experience. It's even less so when that car is a Ferrari Enzo. The horror is compounded when it's all caught on tape. But Zahir Rana handles the... read more September 16, 2011 by 

Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

Ferrari Enzo Abandoned In Dubai

Remember this poor Jaguar XJ220 found abandoned in the Qatari desert? Now we have an image of something even sadder: a Ferrari Enzo left to rot in Dubai. The supercar is just... read more August 27, 2011 by 

Sergio Marchionne and his black Ferrari Enzo

Fiat-Chrysler Boss Sergio Marchionne Shows Off Personal Ferrari Enzo

What many may not know about Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne is that the unassuming auto exec in a sweater is an avid performance car fan, especially the... read more April 13, 2011 by 

Simbol Design Lavazza GTX-R supercar

Simbol Design Lavazza GTX-R Is A Ferrari Enzo On A Budget

Simbol Design is one of those niche Italian car companies that you’ve probably never heard of but their new Lavazza GTX-R supercar should get them some press, even if... read more October 26, 2010 by 

Ferrari Enzo

Report: Ferrari Enzo Successor Will Sport HY-KERS Hybrid

The fantastic new Ferrari 458 Italia is the fastest car to round the company's Fiorano test track, but it won't hold that title indefinitely: a successor to the Enzo hypercar... read more September 9, 2010 by 


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