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eBay Watch: Ferrari F40 Michelotto edition

eBay Watch: Ferrari F40 Michelotto edition

We are often shocked by the rare metal that goes up for sale on eBay these days, and even more surprising are the bargain prices that the sellers sometimes ask for. This time round, the guys from have found a rarer than rare Ferrari F40 Michelotto up for sale priced at $658,000. Sadly... read more

October 9, 2006 by 

Ebay: 2007 Saleen Extreme Heritage Edition

You never know what you will find when browsing the Mustang section of Ebay and today was one of those days. I came upon a 2007 Saleen Extreme which is nothing special but... read more August 27, 2006 by 


2001 Mustang With Modified Rear-End

If the owner of this 2001 Mustang GT was going for shock and awe it seems they have got it because of all the Mustang auctions on Ebay this is the only one that features a... read more August 22, 2006 by 

eBay Watch: Brand new Porsche 959

eBay Watch: Brand new Porsche 959

It’s amazing what rare finds turn up for sale on eBay these days and the Porsche 959 is about as rare as they come. One of only 29 ever created, this 1989 Porsche 959 S US... read more August 9, 2006 by 

eBay Watch: Dauer Bugatti EB110

eBay Watch: Dauer Bugatti EB110

Even before Bugatti became the purveyor of the fastest production vehicle ever to be sold, they were creating some of the fastest supercars ever made. The EB110 was created... read more August 5, 2006 by 


Shelby GT500's Have Landed

I know most who read my blog which is about how many fingers I have are tired of reading about Ebay auctions on the GT500 but these days Mustang news is pretty scarce so I... read more July 3, 2006 by 


EBAY: 1966 Retractable Hardtop Convertible

Looking at the title of this entry I wonder how many of you did a double take and said what the @#$%. Well I did the same thing when I came across this Mustang on Ebay... read more June 14, 2006 by 


Ebay: 1970 Challenger Magazine Car

  If you are new to my blog which from the looks is probably going to be just about everybody considering this is only my second post on this blog.  From time to time I... read more June 13, 2006 by 


Ebay: THR Custom 11-sec. LX Coupe

Up for auction on Ebay is an 1989 11-second Custom built LX Coupe Mustang from Texas Hot Rods with over $15K invested. The Fox-Body Mustang originally came with a 4 cyl... read more May 25, 2006 by 


Ebay: Twisted Sister Frontman Auctions Mustang

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider is auctioning off his prize 1969 Boss 302 Mustang on Ebay. He has owned this car for over 25 years and has seen the car through thick and... read more May 10, 2006 by 


Ebay: 2001 Mustang Will Take You Into The 11's

Another glorious find on Ebay has led me to a 2001 Ford Mustang Convertible that will take you straight into the eleven second range. The Mustang has been professionally... read more April 25, 2006 by 


2006 Boss Shinoda Mustang on Ebay

As an Ebay addict I thought it would cool to add a new section to the Blog dubbed 'Ebay Mustangs'. I figure if I spend so much time on Ebay I should put it to good use. So I... read more March 30, 2006 by 


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