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Ebay: 2001 ROUSH Bondurant Prepared Race Car

It's the real deal, a ROUSH Prepared Bondurant Race Car for sale on Ebay and this one has 3600 miles and looks to be in very good condition.  This car is a 2001 Mustang that comes from the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in Phoenix, AZ where they are used as instructional cars... read more

April 18, 2007 by 

Ebay: 2007 Shelby GT500 Tire Inflator Kit

Nice handy little kit that most GT500 owners don't even realize come in their cars.  These compressor kits come standard on 2007 Shelby GT500 Mustang's and you can now buy... read more March 5, 2007 by 


Ebay: 2003 Mach I Magazine Cover Car w/779 HP

You might remember this 2003 Mach I with 779 horsepower that graced the cover of Modified Mustang magazine back in October/November of 2005 because it was billed as the... read more February 25, 2007 by 


Ebay: The 1995 Lime Green Gobblin Mustang

When you think you've seen it all, up pops this Mustang auction on Ebay.  Some Mustang fanatic took it upon themselves to dress up their 1995 Stang in Lime Green Gobblin... read more February 16, 2007 by 


Ebay: Rare FR500C Mustang Cup Car

Are you looking to race in the 2007 Koni Challenge series but don't have a car, well then this race ready FR500C Mustang is your ticket and it can be yours if you have enough... read more February 8, 2007 by 

eBay watch: Lexus 2054 Concept from Minority Report

eBay watch: Lexus 2054 Concept from Minority Report

Some of the cars that go up for sale on eBay these days are simply amazing and downright strange. Take this Lexus concept car that was designed for the movie Minority Report... read more February 7, 2007 by 

eBay watch: One of a kind 880hp TVR Cerbera Speed 12

eBay watch: One of a kind 880hp TVR Cerbera Speed 12

What happens when you put a V12 engine developing more than 880hp in a car that weighs less than a ton? If you want to find out, the owner is now selling his one-of-a-kind... read more December 14, 2006 by 


Shelby GT, GT-H, GT500, Ebay Roundup

If you don't know by now I guess I can fill you in, I am addicted to Ebay. Most have probably noticed my addiction since I shove Ebay auctions in your face every 4 or 5 blog... read more December 9, 2006 by 


Ebay: 1965 STE Mustang Restomod by K.A.R

The Ebay auction I found for you this time is a beauty, it's a Restomod that is gracing the cover of the December issue of Mustang Monthly. The 1965 STE Classic Mustang... read more November 21, 2006 by 

eBay Watch: Porsche 928 utility

eBay Watch: Porsche 928 utility

eBay is notorious for the strange items that you can find up for sale, and this 1987 Porsche that was converted into a pickup is no exception. The conversion took place just... read more November 13, 2006 by 


EBAY: 2005 Mustang GT Owned By Alice Cooper

If you are looking for a high horsepower Mustang owned by a rock star then I have just found your dream car because famed rocker Alice Cooper has put his personal 2005... read more November 11, 2006 by 

eBay Watch: Sketches of the De Lorean sedan that never was

eBay Watch: Sketches of the De Lorean sedan that never was

Design sketches from John Z. De Lorean, the creator of the DMC-12 sports car made famous by the Back to the Future, are up for auction on eBay. De Lorean’s folder... read more November 9, 2006 by 


Ebay: 2007 GT500 with KR600 Upgrade

If you are not satisfied with the 500 horsepower out of the Shelby GT500 from the factory than you might want to take a look at this auction from Hennessey Performance. They... read more November 3, 2006 by 


Drive A Shelby GT500 For $50

The things I find in the Mustang section on Ebay get better and better. This time a Shelby GT500 owner in the DFW metroplex has taken it upon himself to let you drive his car... read more October 22, 2006 by 

eBay Watch: Moller M400X Skycar prototype

eBay Watch: Moller M400X Skycar prototype

If you’ve always thought that the idea of buying a Moller Skycar was anything but real, then think again. Up for sale on eBay is the M400X Skycar prototype from Moller... read more October 12, 2006 by 

eBay Watch: Ferrari F40 Michelotto edition

eBay Watch: Ferrari F40 Michelotto edition

We are often shocked by the rare metal that goes up for sale on eBay these days, and even more surprising are the bargain prices that the sellers sometimes ask for. This time... read more October 9, 2006 by 


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