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Ebay: Xtreme Mustang Performance 2003 Mach I

  You might remember this car from some Mustang Mags and also the 2003 SEMA show.  Xtreme Mustang Performance built this car in a little less then 6 weeks stripping it down to nothing more then a rolling chassis.  The car is a 2003 Mach I with a Paxton Novi-2000 supercharger, enough gauges to... read more

October 2, 2007 by 

Ebay: SN-95 Mustang GT-R Clone Looks The Part

Our Ebay adventure today brings us to this a one-of-a-kind find, a SN-95 Mustang GT-R clone done up in a similar paint scheme just like the original GT-R concept Ford rolled... read more September 11, 2007 by 


Ebay: 1993 Cobra #19, First Off The Assembly Line

The 1993 Cobra is just a thing of beauty for me, being that it was the first Cobra of my generation and one of my favorite Mustangs of all time.  Now as I have said from... read more August 7, 2007 by 

’CEO 1’ sells for record £154,100 on eBay

’CEO 1’ sells for record £154,100 on eBay

The personalized number plate, CEO 1, has sold for a whopping £154,100 on eBay in the UK today. The unique license plate was only posted for sale on the 2nd of this month... read more July 12, 2007 by 


Ebay: One-of-a-Kind 2006 Mustang "Cut Away Car"

This is one of those finds you go what the #@$%, well that is what I said when I first viewed this auction. The car is what they refer to in the movie business as a "Cut Away... read more July 6, 2007 by 


Ebay: Bidding Wars Have Begun For Shelby GT500KR

A few Ford dealers are starting to post auctions on Ebay for their alotment of the 2008 Shelby GT500KR and the bidding has begun with two auctions over the $100K mark... read more July 2, 2007 by 


Ebay: Batman Called, He Wants His Mustang Back

This beauty comes to us from Ebay via an anonymous tipster, and from what I see it's far from beautiful. I always see some pretty funky bodykits on Mustangs these days but... read more June 25, 2007 by 


Ebay: 1968 Mustang GT 390 Bullitt Fastback Clone

I found this auction a bit late but thought why not post it up with all the Bullitt news lately.  For a 39 year old car this 1968 Mustang GT 390 with it's original engine... read more June 13, 2007 by 


Ebay: Very Rare 1995 Cobra 'R' Engine #1

It's not everyday you see an auction like this on Ebay, a very rare 5.8L 1995 Cobra 'R' complete engine that has never been ran.  This engine was the first engine built... read more May 29, 2007 by 


Ebay: GT500 Convertible Wreck For $20K

That looks like it might have hurt....  A 2007 Shelby GT500 Convertible with massive rollover damage got trashed when theives stole the car from an Ontario, Canada... read more May 17, 2007 by 


Ebay: Greedy Ford Stealership Has 14 Shelby's In Stock

I know I have beat this horse to death complaining about how stealerships are so greedy charging these rediculous markups on the Shelby GT500's but I thought this auction on... read more May 9, 2007 by 

Updated: ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ replica reaches nearly $10 million on eBay

Updated: ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ replica reaches nearly $10 million on eBay

Updated: The winning bidder who pledged $9,900,500 to buy the replica 1969 Dodge “General Lee” on eBay last Friday has apparently failed to pay up. The seller... read more May 9, 2007 by 

eBay watch: Porsche Carrera GT from the film Redline

eBay watch: Porsche Carrera GT from the film Redline

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the movie Redline. Who could forget the bizarre Ferrari Enzo crash caught on video with one of the film’s actors... read more April 25, 2007 by 


Ebay: Rare 1989 Saleen SSC Fox-Body Mustang

Are you looking for another Mustang to add to your collection or just want something to wipe with a diaper on the weekends, if your answer is yes to either check out this... read more April 24, 2007 by 


Ebay: 2001 ROUSH Bondurant Prepared Race Car

It's the real deal, a ROUSH Prepared Bondurant Race Car for sale on Ebay and this one has 3600 miles and looks to be in very good condition.  This car is a 2001 Mustang... read more April 18, 2007 by 


EBAY: Half Ranger Half Mustang, It's A StangRanger

The custom creations people come up with amaze me sometimes, this one is no different as somebody has decided to take a 1985 Ranger and mate it with the front clip and 302... read more April 13, 2007 by 


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