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Dick Cheney: Bush didn’t want to be the one to ”pull the plug” on GM

Earlier this week General Motors formerly announced that it had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy but the truth of the matter is that the struggling automaker’s downfall was predicted years ago and it has only managed to survive up until now on the back of government handouts. According to... read more

June 4, 2009 by 
Meet the new GM...not quite the same as the old GM

GM bondholders agree to take 25% of new company, U.S. Treasury gets 72.5% ownership

As General Motors prepares for a bankruptcy announcement on June 1, the U.S. Treasury is helping to pave the way by releasing a new deal that leaves GM's bondholders with 25%... read more May 28, 2009 by 

GM Warren Tech Center

Warren encouraging GM to move corporate HQ with tax breaks

Detroit has long been the heart of America's automotive industry, but 2009 has been a major period of upheaval for the city, with further shocks expected to come - including... read more May 28, 2009 by 

A UAW worker assembling a Hummer H3T

GM and UAW reach tentative deal

The U.S. Treasury, General Motors and the United Auto Workers have reached a tentative bargain on how they'll deal with changes to the current agreement in the face of the... read more May 21, 2009 by 

GM Cadillac dealer

GM to close 42% of Canadian dealer network

The symptoms of America's ailing carmakers don't recognize borders, and no nation is more keenly aware of that fact than Canada. That's doubly true after today's announcement... read more May 20, 2009 by 

Dodge Challenger

Report: Chrysler to offer $1,000 certificates to all existing customers

As bankruptcy thrashes Chrysler vehicles' resale value the company is pulling out all the stops to keep sales up until it can emerge and join forces with Fiat. To help get... read more May 15, 2009 by 

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Chrysler resale values down 6% in a week as uncertainty rules the day

It's simple math: carmaker plus bankruptcy equals uncertainty and lower resale values. But Chrysler owners are feeling the bite of that equation as the value of their... read more May 11, 2009 by 

Chrysler Sebring

Dodge Avenger, Chrysler Sebring safe from the axe through 2010

As Chrysler pushes forward during its bankruptcy period and prepares for its new face and alliance with Fiat, many are wondering what will come along for the ride and what... read more May 6, 2009 by 

2010 ford taurus 001

Ford's image improves by staying above the fray, says study

It wasn't so long ago that people were deriding Ford for mortgaging the Blue Oval itself, key investors were dumping shares into the open market and the company was forced to... read more May 4, 2009 by 

GM American flag

Obama's task force orders GM to convert all of its debt to equity

The U.S. government may soon become a substantial shareholder in General Motors if a new plan to convert all of GM's debt to equity goes forward. On Friday, President Obama's... read more April 20, 2009 by 

GM American flag

Bondholders consider increased debt-for-equity-swap as GM bankruptcy looms

GM's decline over the course of this year wasn't enough to convince bondholders and the UAW to grant any concessions, but recent reports that the carmaker was in... read more April 15, 2009 by 

GM Detroit headquarters

GM preparing for bankruptcy

General Motors is reportedly preparing for the worst, with work under way to get the company ready for a possible bankruptcy. Earlier on this month, it was mentioned that a... read more April 10, 2009 by 

GM's Fritz Henderson isn't afraid to talk about bankruptcy

GM bankrupcty could split healthier brands off into separate company

Hidden away in General Motors' plans for the next 60 days is a bankruptcy strategy that could see its most successful brands peel off to form a second company, leaving the... read more April 1, 2009 by 

GM and Chrysler headquarters

Auto industry task force rejects GM and Chrysler viability plan

The Obama administration auto industry task force has rejected viability plans for General Motors and Chrysler and threatened that both may be forced into bankruptcy unless... read more March 30, 2009 by 

2010 saab 9 3x 007

GM and Saab agree to five-year parts sharing deal

When the news of Saab being splintered from General Motors' holdings, many lamented the demise of the Swedish carmaker, assuming it would be unable to stand alone. But a new... read more March 25, 2009 by 

2009 Saab 9-3

Bankruptcy rumors hurt residual values for GM and Chrysler

General Motors and Chrysler just can’t seem to get a break. Not only are they dealing with one of the worst market slumps to hit the auto industry in decades, fears of... read more March 22, 2009 by 


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