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Ferrari F430 Scuderia drag races a rocket-powered bicycle

Man On Rocket-Powered Bicycle Sets World Record, Smokes Ferrari In The Process: Video

If your aim is to build the fastest set of wheels on the planet, then you’re going to have to employ some pretty out of the ordinary means of propulsion, usually a rocket. If in doubt, just ask the guys behind the Bloodhound SSC, who next year will attempt to break the current land speed... read more

November 11, 2014 by 
Ferrari F430 crash in Malaysia - Image courtesy of Wrecked Exotics

Ferrari F430 Test Drive Ends In Crash

Pictured above is the result of a test drive in Malaysia that went horribly wrong. We don’t have many details but the sorry-looking Ferrari F430 you see here is said to... read more January 23, 2012 by 

Ferrari F430 on fire in Houston, Texas

Not Again: Ferrari F430 Burns On Houston Highway

Hopefully the last in what may eventuate as one of the worst weeks in history for Ferrari owners, this black Ferrari F430, possibly a hardcore Scuderia model, suddenly caught... read more December 9, 2011 by 

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

Richard Petty Experience Expands To Include Exotics

NASCAR, like most other sports, still hasn’t rebounded from the 2009 U.S. economic collapse. While race attendance is creeping back up, its still not approaching 2007... read more November 8, 2011 by 

Ferrari owner attacks cab driver in Las Vegas

Cab Driver Rear Ends Ferrari F430, Gets Attacked By Owner: Video

A heated argument turns into a fight on a hot summer day in Las Vegas when a cab driver allegedly rear ends a Ferrari F430 Spyder. The driver of the Ferrari is understandably... read more June 19, 2011 by 

Ferrari F430 Spyder crashes in Belgium

Ferrari F430 Spyder Crashes, Ends Upside Down

We don’t know what the driver of this sorry-looking Ferrari F430 Spyder was doing when he flipped the car over but it’s safe to assume that some speeding was... read more June 13, 2011 by 

New Stratos

Ferrari F430-Based New Stratos Can Hit 60 MPH In Just 3.3 Seconds

Italian sports cars are always some of the best in the world. Not because they last long, because we all know they don’t, but because of their beauty and the passion... read more December 7, 2010 by 

Kim Granatell

Today In Mysteries: Who Is Kim G And Why Do We Care?

It's the end of July, which means that summer is quickly coming to a close, which leaves us feeling a little wistful -- a little introspective. And so, we're doing some... read more July 30, 2010 by 

Audi R15 TDI race livery

Results For The 24 Hours of Le Mans

 Le Mans is one of the premiere motorsports events in the world, more so than others. It’s one of the best places for manufacturers from all over to show off their... read more June 13, 2010 by 

2005 Ferrari F430 Spider, Geneva Motor Show

Casino Valets Give Ferrari F430 To Wrong Owner

A professional poker player in Melbourne, Australia would have had a shock of his life when he found out that valets at the casino he was playing at gave away his Ferrari... read more May 17, 2010 by 

2008 Ferrari 430

Ferrari 430 Scuderia/16M Spider Meet

In July of this year in Southern California, there was a special car meet celebrating Ferrari's 430 Scuderia and 16M Spider models.  A total of 22 cars showed, six 16M... read more July 22, 2009 by 

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M

Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M completes Goodwood Hillclimb in 59 seconds

Ferrari showcased three of its latest supercars in the Sunday Times Supercar Runs at this past weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS), with cars like the new California... read more July 6, 2009 by 

novitec rosso ferrari 430 scuderia 16m 009

Novitec Rosso releases new photos of 696hp tuned Ferrari 430 Scuderia 16M

Last year we reported on Italian tuning house Novitec Rosso and its work with Ferrari's extreme 430 Scuderia. In March Novitec followed Ferrari's reveal of the convertible... read more June 29, 2009 by 

ASI Ferrari F430

Japan’s ASI turns its hands to tuning the Ferrari F430

Japanese luxury tuner ASI is renowned for its work with Bentley Continentals, but now the company has undertaken its first project that deviates from this model range with a... read more June 17, 2009 by 

Calavera Ferrari F430 by Unique Sportcars and Novitec Rosso

Unique Sportcars teams up with Novitec Rosso for ‘Calavera’ Ferrari F430

Ferrari’s F430 is destined to bow out towards the end of the year, set to be replaced by an all-new model, but in the lead up to its swan song German design group... read more May 17, 2009 by 

final ferrari f430 livery 001

Ferrari will mark end of F430 production by auctioning final model for charity

Staking out a very safe place as Ferrari's highest development of the production mid-engine V8 berlinetta - thus far, at least - the F430 has seen a five-year lifespan, and... read more May 14, 2009 by 


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