Angry Woman In BMW Doesn’t Know How To Give Way: Video

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We’re sure many readers can relate to this situation. You’re driving down a narrow two-way street when in the opposite direction a huge truck or bus comes into view.

Most sane people would acknowledge that maneuvering a truck or bus out of the way would be very difficult, so typically search for a gap to pull into or in some cases even reverse up a bit.

Not the driver of this BMW, filmed recently in Canada.

Instead of pulling out of the way to give way to an oncoming truck on a street in Hampstead, Quebec, which happened to have a number of construction vehicles parked on either side, the driver stops in the middle of the street before getting out of her car and approaching the driver of the truck, who remains unseen in the video.

After a heated argument, she realizes the truck driver isn’t going to budge so she angrily goes back to her car. Unfortunately, it looks like she hits the gas pedal just a bit too hard while reversing out of the way, with her car’s wheels appearing as though they grazed the side of the curb.

Warning: This video contains some NSFW language.
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  1. Hahahaha this video is too funny, and all too typical. Hope her wheels are ok lol.

  2. Am I the only one here that's a little turned on by her? hehe, that end scene is great tho.

  3. One more reason I have no desire to own a BMW - I would hate to be viewed as "That Person"

  4. Note: only NSFW if you're in a French-speaking environment. ;)

    That said, the truck driver *could* have refrained from calling her names, but she's definitely the one who started the show.

  5. Guys, swear words are automatically blocked by the comments filter. Please keep it clean if you want your comments to appear.

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