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If you've ever needed videographic proof that bad driving and an evil heart can prove anything, you'll want to check out this video. Otherwise, get ready to be infuriated.

Before we get too deep into the murk here, let's be clear: we have no ill feelings toward our green-obsessed friends who put a premium on gas mileage before looks, power, handling, or comfort. But when they take it too far, we have to rein them in.

This is one of those times. In the video above, you'll see a Nissan Leaf taking a 370Z to task on the drag strip. Yes, it's theoretically impossible. No, it's not a hot-rodded Leaf. And yes, yes, yes, it's a case of (very) bad driving on the part of the 370Z pilot as well as some conspiratorial test conditions.

Run in Maine in December of last year, the "drag race" shows a Leaf walking away from the Z car in what appears to be a 1/8 mile race. What the video's description largely glosses over, however, is: the 1) terrible launch on the part of the 370Z; 2) the incredibly short shifts evidenced by the audio--it sounds like he's shifting at 3,500 rpm; 3) the fact that this was done by a Nissan dealer.

Why they'd want to make the Z look so bad in comparison to the Leaf is unimaginable, but there you have it. Fan boys, don your flamesuits.

Hat tip to John for the video!

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  1. I am not surprised at all about the results. Heat engine vehicles have too many devices that use up mechanical energy coming from the engine before they are delivered to the wheels like flying wheels, transmissions, axle shafts and differentials...A skillful 370-Z driver would only be able to do so much...Electric vehicles will lack the cool sound and will be affected by short battery life but they will be in advantage when it comes to racing performance. There are videos available on YouTube about the English electric concept car T-Zero beating all kind of exotic vehicles and super cars like
    the Toyota Supra from 0-60.

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