Viper ACR-X Laps The 'Ring In 7:03.058: Video

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There's fast, then there's scary fast, then there's the Dodge Viper ACR-X, the track-only, high-downforce, stripped-out-and-caged version of the last-gen Viper. It may only be 9 seconds faster than a standard, street-legal ACR, but they're nine very significant seconds.

Tickling 2g in lateral force, with its wings and aero smashing it into the ground at more than 1350 pounds of force at times, the Viper ACR-X's pace around the ring is either crazy insane, insane crazy, or both.

The video, via DriveSRT, shows the gear, g force, downforce, and time--but not the speed. Fortunately there's no need. The speedometer on this car simply says "FAST."
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Comments (2)
  1. Absolutely the fastest production American sports car ever. When it comes to raw power and performance, it seems Dodge that has stood out for decades.

  2. Well is the fastest production sports car ever, period. May we say there's only one vehicle in the world today that can lap Nurburgring faster than 7:03.058, and it is the Radical's 6:48, but that is an LMP type of car...7:03.058 means beating the Europeans tin their own game and a confirmation that American muscle cars can perform well not only in straight line from zero to sixty...

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