Next Porsche 911 Turbo To Get Tri-Turbo System: Report

An all-new Porsche 911 inevitably means an all new Porsche 911 Turbo, although the next version of the force-fed 911 is still about a year away.

If Autocar is correct, the next 911 will adopt a tri-turbo forced-induction system for its 3.8-liter flat-six, similar to what BMW’s introduced on its new M Series diesels. The net result will be more power, better fuel economy and improved throttle response.

Generally speaking, turbo systems are a compromise. Small turbos, while quick to spool up, generally provide low-end power only. Larger turbos can produce more top-end grunt, but usually exhibit turbo lag at lower engine speeds.

To get around this, Porsche has used a twin-turbo system on the 911 Turbo since the launch of the 993 variant in 1995. A small turbo provides off-the-line power, while a larger unit ensures that the 911 Turbo pulls hard at top-end, too.

As good as the system is, there’s room for improvement. Adding a third turbo will produce more linear power (especially at low-end), while reducing both emissions and overall fuel consumption. The trade off, of course, is increased complexity.

Since the next 911 Turbo is still in the development phase, details on power output and fuel economy are scarce. Rumor has it that the next 911 Turbo will be even more powerful than today's 530 horsepower Turbo S, and could pack as much as 550 horsepower in base trim.

Expect Porsche to use the tri-turbo system in the next 911 GT2 and 911 GT2 RS as well.
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Comments (8)
  1. First 7 speed H gate transmissions and now tri turbo systems... It seems to me that porsche are over-inovating....

  2. @phil12321, there's no such thing as over-innovating. Until, of course, you need to pay for parts and repair.

  3. It does sounds good! As long as they continue to leave the Nissan GT-R in the dust! I like the direction Porsche is heading. Hack, tri-turbo and supercharge it too!

  4. @ Kurt, when you are paying near on half a million dollars on the road for a Turbo S i think that paying for parts will be of little concern

  5. @WizardsLore, you really need to move someplace with more affordable car pricing. If I recall, the last Turbo S was less than $200k here.

  6. hahah of course. that woudl be the only reason to move. Way of Life in Australia is one of if not the best place to live in the world. As a consequence we have to pay for it. Just like the horrible car prices our house prices are 4 times more than what you would pay for an equivilant place in the US. its just the way it is. Then again when the GEC happened, we werent affected as much as others. So you have to take the good with the bad i suppose. Oft time i have thought of importing cars from stateside. Even when paying for a right conversion it would come out far cheaper than if we bought them outright here !

  7. @WizardsLore, the quality of life issue is something else best discussed over a pint...

    On another topic, our developers tell me they've solved your double posting issue - can you confirm it's resolved?

  8. @ Kurt, or 2 haha

    as for the double posting, yes it has now been resovled..thanks for that. Shame it cant retrospectively chhange things but no mind

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