Bruno Senna Wrings Out The New Lotus Exige S: Video

Lotus is doing all it can to breathe new life into an aging stable of cars. A perfect example of this is the Lotus Exige, which has already been given last rites in the U.S. market with a “Final Edition” model.

At last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, the Hethel-based automaker unveiled the new Lotus Exige S, which extends the life of the Exige line by adding new electronics and updating the drivetrain with the supercharged 3.5-liter V-6 from the Evora S.

In the words of Paul Fleming, the vehicle dynamics engineer on the Exige S, “We’ve got a modern Exige now.” Fleming goes on to praise the new car’s driver mode selector switch, advising that “anyone can drive the car in Touring mode with complete confidence.”

If you’re Lotus Renault F1 test driver Bruno Senna, nephew of the legendary Ayrton Senna, you can probably drive any car in any mode with complete confidence, which Senna demonstrates in the above video.

Sure, Senna is paid to say good things about Lotus automobiles, but he seems genuinely impressed with the level of grip delivered by the new Exige S, as well as its improved shifting and brakes. He also looks like he’s having a good time behind the wheel, which means that Lotus has done its homework on the new car.

Will we see the Exige S in the United States? Probably not, since Lotus won’t want to invest the money necessary to implement smart airbags (which was one reason for the Exige’s demise on these shores). There’s a faint chance that we’ll see it as a track-only car, but we wouldn’t put a lot of money on those odds.
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  1. Wow, we have seen another act, of a 12 year old CEO OF LOTUS, the guy has driven the likes of success into the ground, one more time, the biggest mistake lotus owners have made is letting Dandy boy spend money and make too many decisions, This is what one person that has all the answers dose (((it don’t work))) burn Dandy boys ideas down,
    If you have a lotus sale it, the appeal is going down, we understand, the apple of a marketable item is based on its worth and the ability to get people to perceive the value as a needed item, were in the universe dose making this swizzle stick a great move, we are trying to get 12-22 year kids to buy cars and poor people, great job Dandy boy, some one screwed up giving Dandy boy the CEO job why we could

  2. Finally Lotus makes an Exige that can keep up with the big boys everywhere, rather than just in the corners.... And is it coming to the US? Nope... Good job lotus, I guess if we want one we'll have to buy and exige and evora and gut them, thanks a bunch.

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