Japanese Security Car Seat Knows One Backside From Another

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Pressure-sensitive security car seat

Pressure-sensitive security car seat

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Car thieves of the future had better hope they have exactly the same build as you, otherwise they won't be getting very far.

It's already difficult enough to steal modern cars, but according to TechCrunch (via Digital Trends), Japanese engineers have been working on a car seat that won't let anyone but its regular drivers start it.

That means the shadier types in society could steal your keys and still not steal your car, unless they were lucky enough to depress the 360 pressure sensors in exactly the same way your own derriere does.

The technology is fairly simple. Using those 360 pressure sensors positioned under the seat, a computer works out whether it's you sitting there, or someone else. If it's not you, then it won't let the car start. It's even sophisticated enough to differentiate between sets of buttocks whatever clothing is being worn.
Pressure-sensitive security car seat

Pressure-sensitive security car seat

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The system is apparently accurate enough to determine the correct driver 98 percent of the time. That sounds great, until you realize that in every hundred car journeys you'll be left stranded twice...

If the success rate can be raised to 100 percent, there's every chance the selective seat could make it into production cars as a future security method.
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Comments (3)
  1. I wonder if it changes its signature of your ---- as you gain or lose weight... better watch the candy bars and sodas...

  2. Might be a good incentive to not use the car too much in the first place! I can imagine it hooked up to an electronic message... "Whoops, bit on the heavy side today... maybe you should walk this journey!"

  3. I don't get it. Why not just have a pin you enter, just like we do with our bank accounts?

    Why go to all this trouble if you're that scared of your car being stolen. Or even use LoJack so that the police can even capture the theif red-handed. This is just stupid and wasteful.

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