Subaru BRZ To Be Priced From 'About' $24,000

Subaru has so far managed to dodge the issue of the BRZ’s price tag quite well, saying only that it would be “comparable” in price to a Subaru WRX. Even that response was vaguely nebulous, since the Subaru WRX has a price range that stretches from $25,595 for a base WRX sedan or hatchback to $29,095 for a WRX Limited model.

The mystery only deepened when we learned that Subaru intends to position the BRZ to a more mature and affluent crowd than Toyota is targeting with the Scion FR-S. Suddenly, images of Subaru dealer lots clogged with over-priced BRZ coupes filled our heads; after all, nearly $30k for a coupe with 200 horsepower and no luxury pedigree is ambitious, no matter how well it handles.

If Motor Trend is correct, our worries were for naught. After much coercion, the publication was able to determine that a BRZ Premium (the base model) will start at around $24,000, with the higher-trim BRZ Limited coming in at around $27,000.

Even BRZ Premium models sound well-equipped, coming with a Torsen limited-slip differential, 17-inch wheels, leather trim on the steering wheel, handbrake and shift knob, aluminum pedal covers, an eight-speaker audio system and standard navigation. The six-speed manual is the base gearbox, with the six-speed automatic a yet-to-be-priced option.

Pony up another $3,000 for the BRZ Limited, and you’ll get leather and Alcantara upholstery, a rear lip spoiler, fog lights, heated mirrors, automatic climate control and an integrated alarm system.

We’ve yet to drive the BRZ or its Toyota cousin, the Scion FR-S, but we promise a full report once we’ve spent time behind the wheel. Look for the Subaru BRZ to begin hitting U.S. dealerships next spring.
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Comments (8)
  1. i just dont know. I mean with that sort of pricing int he states, it means that it doesnt have a hope in hell of being here in Oz for less than $50k. and im sorry im not goingto fork out that kind of money for a small 4 cylinder, when i can get a Golf R and change, or a GTI and a really nice holiday and a scooter

  2. @WizardsLore, if you ask me it has to be priced on par with the Mazda MX-5 in all markets. Both are small, modestly-powered sports cars built to emphasize handling, and I'd bet that a fair number of buyers will shop both.

    If the BRZ is on par with the MX-5, or maybe $1,000 more, it's competitive. If it's thousands more, it will be tough to justify once the novelty wears off.

  3. Hell no!

  4. @ Kurt,
    if it wants to compete with the MX5 it will be looking at high $40k's on road for around $50k. that sort of pricing will put it way out of reach of the average buyer who would be drawn to a car like this. They would rather go the whizz bang approach and pick up an STi WRX or a Ralliart Lancer for much less and be able to trick it up with the change !

  5. @WizardsLore, I trust your talking about a used STI versus a new MX-5. Here, the STI and Lancer Evo X start at about $10k more than the MX-5. The Lancer Ralliart is (generally) a couple grand more than an MX-5.

  6. @ Kurt. Nope im talkign about a new Sti. The base WRX is Golf GTi prices here. The Ralliart is around the same price if not a bit more than the WRX as to close the gap between the Evo and top range base Lancer.
    the MX5 is around 50k here. and if this new car from Toyota / Suby is going to challenge that it will be priced in kind.
    Like i said for that money would much rather a Golf R, or even a Golf GTD, be frugal and sporty at the same time !
    i dont think it will be successful here and it is one of the bigger markets for small cars too

  7. @WizardsLore, you have some odd car pricing by our standards. Here, the MX-5 starts at about $23k, while a WRX is around $26k. The GTI splits the difference, starting at around $24k.

    Golf R and Subie STI are both in the low-to-mid $30k range.

  8. Kurt, blame import taxes and extra taxes if the car is considered a sports car. The 4 door gti and Sti dont get hit by it due to them being hipo family cars (4 doors), yet the Mx5 gets smacked as an outright 2 door 2 seater.
    i just got wind that Toyota may be takign a nice hit int he pocket to market the '86 as Celica replacement and throwing it down for around $40k if a little less. If they do they could be onto some solid sales

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