Michelle Obama Booed At NASCAR Season Finale: Video

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

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Despite Florida’s geography slanting to the left, the state itself has always leaned just a bit to the right. That’s especially true in the Miami area, where the region’s influential Cuban population typically gives Republican candidates a boost over their Democratic rivals.

Hold the season-ending NASCAR race there, fill the stands with conservative stock car racing fans, and it isn’t surprising that Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, gets a less-than-warm reception.

As USA Today points out, you can hear nearly as many cheers as boos when Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, wife of the vice-president, are announced, but the message seems pretty clear. Stock cars fans aren’t big supporters of the current administration, since many families are worse off today than they were four years ago.

NASCAR is worse off, too, with attendance down at most races and visitors to destinations like the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC nowhere near anticipated levels. The Daytona Experience, a second shrine to stock car racing in Daytona Beach, FL, closed to the public in November of 2010.

Earlier this year, several NASCAR drivers begged off an invitation to the White House, citing schedule conflicts. These may have been legitimate, since driver’s schedules are often booked months in advance, but it speaks volumes about how insignificant a White House invitation has become. In racing, sponsors take priority over everything else.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself. Is this a sign that political change is in the air, or is it simply much ado about nothing?

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  1. What a sad state of affairs, poor education seems to be rotting america.

    most families worldwide are worse off now than 4 years ago. It's called a recession, and if they can't see past the president's administration for the cause behind this they're blind. Afterall, it was the weak President GW Bush that set up this massive fall. Obama is left to put the pieces back together.

  2. GW Bush rams the ship into the iceburg. B. Obama's wife gets booed for it.

  3. Right. If Bush rammed the ship, and I'm no fan of that family, she and her 'hubby' where the lit stick of dynamite in steerage. I think they were giving her "credit" for her husband's abysmal performance.

  4. How many years are you people going to blame Bush for what Obama doesn't do right? I'm so sick of hearing it I could scream!!! He's had 4 years to fix things and he hasn't done one thing right yet. It just keeps getting worse and worse. The sooner you stop drinking the koolaid the better off the US will be!!!

  5. the republicans stated IN PUBLIC, that they would not allow Obama to succeed in anything.
    This included his efforts at fixing the Bush destruction of the economy

  6. she's such a narcissist, she never knew they they where booing "her"!!

  7. @DM I couldn't agree more...I was there, and in and all around the place I was at (grandstands 196-197), what I heard was an ovation instead...If there was booing, was a local and not general. Anyway, the sad incident sends a clear message that Nascar, and the like, are not events for minorities, especially African Americans, go figure why!

  8. @ K Ernst. Your political likes and dislikes are transparent. But let me tell you that during Bush's administration, 1.08 million people lost their jobs in Miami. Nascar racing and their subculture, have always been for the exclusive White (which is the real root of the problem) long before there was even a Homestead Motor Speedway. Finally, Cuban preference for Republicans has nothing to do with the current administration. If I were the First Lady, I would have chosen other sports event to attend to.

  9. @Adalberto, my political likes and dislikes are irrelevant to the article, and I believe I did a fair job of representing the facts. I'll admit that I'm not a fan of the current administration, but then again I wasn't a fan of the Bush administration, either. Take from that what you will.

  10. Like a Basketball game! look most in America don't go for big goverment socialist American's are very direct if we don't like you we will tell you or boo you weak people shy away from that in the name of respect American's are not weak and do not like Obama or his wife so we will not give them respect.

  11. some folks say they dont like big government , but they like their old parents getting health care, they like the social security they are stil getting, they like their waater, air, food being proteted, they like the insurance on their savings account (fdic) they like their state colleges that get federal money , etc, etc

  12. There are more comments in this thread
  13. A dumb place for her to be. The Nascar GUYS, are not exactly intellient nor informed. Meaning Republicans.

  14. That's right because all Democrats are brilliant, well-informed and incredibly intelligent. Like Lady Gaga.

  15. @Ernst,
    Your political beliefs are the article, and specially its title, and the picture. Out of the many things-car related- that took place over the weekend at the Homestead Speedway, the fact that you selected this (isolated) event sends a clear message about who you are. But, freedom of speech apart, I am here because I am a car enthusiast as much as you are, and I think you have a lot to say about cars. There will be a place and a time where and when we will have a chance to exercise our freedoms and to vote...I just don't think this forum is the right place to campaign. I hope you will understand.

  16. @ Adalberto Burke

    How are his political beliefs in the title? It simply states what occurred on that day and shows no obvious bias.

    P.S: This is not a forum either.

  17. It is a shame that the Democrats/Progressives/Liberals/Socialists cannot and will not see the forest because of the trees. There are none so blind that do not want to see.

    Obama and his accolytes have plunged the USA into a debt crisis, that our children and grandchildren will never recover from. His out of control spending for public and private-sector unions, with no financially productive results has produced a "current"(to be surpassed by Obama as quickly as possible) debt of $15 trillion.

    As predicted by many of us prior to the election, Obama has beaten Jimmy "I'll never lie to yah" Carter as the worst, most dangerous(aka, Socialist) president ever.

    Simply, folks, that is why Moochell was booed. Not rocket science to figure out.

  18. Moochelll..and I bet you aren't sexist or racist by implying the fact that Michelle is a cow or something. WELL i HOPE YOUR KIDS , GRANDKIDS ENJOY ALL THE HELL THAT OBAMA APPARETLY CAUSED. I hope their grandkids' grandkids feel it too. Some people think they can do so much wrong in the world and pay no consequences...I promise your suffering will comee. These big businesses want tax breaks, so they can look into innovation and hire more ppl. boulshit. The GOP will block job growth as long as black man is running as a Democcrat. rather see AMERICA fail under a black man than see it succeed. So there you have it. minorities will stay poor and it'll leave white kids footing the bill. Congrats on ruining America


  20. This isn't about the economy, this is about NASCAR drivers who wear t-shirts who say "No N-words in NASCAR." That's the bottom line.

  21. The American people have seen unemployment rise from 6% to north of 12% in real figures. In 40 months of the Obama administration, 60,000 net new jobs nation wide. All of us know someone out of work, or under employed, on food stamps, or federal assistance. No single president can ever be blamed for the state of the economy, but this one can be blamed for doing nothing to make life better for the average American.

  22. Marc, where have you been. Unemployment was not 6 % under Bush and even if it was. The only way the gov't can create jobs is by cutting taxes for the greedy rich so they'll make investments in big private companies and by creating low-paying jobs w strings attached in the public sector. Cut taxes for rich, raise for middle class, less disposable income, the companies still end up suffering..then most cut workers.send jobs overseas. price of goods go down to help offset the fact that there is less $ in the economy. Every 1 has contributed to the problems in America. The big companies that are turning cracy profits but would rather not spend any $ on wages. A president cant do it all by himself. TAKES CONGRESS, SENATE & THE PEOPLE

  23. @Boo. I totally agree. People who call you socialist don't know what they're talking about. I grew up in one of those places and I can tell you that those who booed the wife of the president would have been sent to jail for life without trial, if not taken to the firing squad; and those who are writing here against her, most likely would have ended (he/she and his/her family) losing their job or their right to continue education. The latter most likely would not have happened because you would have never have access to a computer to freely discussing on a blog or any social network anyway.

  24. Comment disabled by moderators.

  25. you got it 100% right

  26. the 1% are laughing their heads off watching this section of the working class support them!!!

  27. U R so right. What bothers me most is seeing how the WH couple has the largest staff ever, fly all over the world, on our money, pay God knows what for their "Good times" while our po folks have to make the decision..Do I pay the rent or buy groceries or buy my medicine...Hell of a choice for people who have been independent and supported themselves all their life, never asking for a handout.....Look where we are headed today!!!!!!

  28. Dom, you do not have to be old to be wise; you can acquire it through diligent fact checking, know your history (so mistakes do not repeat themselves), relying on qualified mentors and having a moral compass is very handy for the journey, as well. To get old and wise is tough; some things do not give you a second chance....like this election coming up. Just saw the 2016: Obamas' America movie. Dare you to "see" it, and then review your facts...like a wise person would. It is a big responsibility to be a leader, especially so young. KNOW where you are leading. Oh, and after almost four years, what two pieces has he glued back together, yet? What one thing is better since he took over. Open your eyes, that you may see. SEE THE MOVIE.

  29. north carolina cut the education 850 million 6000 teachers graduation up 14% to 80% . money and teachers are not the only ans

  30. George Bush made the mistake of allowing the Democratic congress to push through too much of their agenda and should probably not continued on with the nation building in Iraq. The main contributor to the economic downturn, however was the foolish, constant meddling in the economy by insertion of cash infusions which caused inflationary bubbles, called stimulus. Obama and Bernanke are continuing on with this practice which will be to the ultimate detriment of all of us. This will lead to the next crash which will only be worse if Obama maintains office and tries to continue his policies.

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