All The Right Moves: Tiff Daniels Making Strides In Modern Street Hemi Shootout Series

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Racers are a different breed of athletes in that any given time, with the right circumstances and people, they can excel and achieve their dreams through hard work and determination. In the case of 26-year-old Tiff Daniels, it's about making the most of her opportunities, even when her career, so to speak, shifts gears.

During the week, she juggles a balancing act with her daily life in the racing world. From her responsibilities as a reporter for 3 Wide Life to her jobs as a technical representative for Paoli and VP of Business Development for Daniels Performance Group, it's a wonder how she even finds the time to race at any given track.

For most of her life, the Smithfield, VA native drove closed wheeled vehicles, like Legends and late models across the Southeast. Recently, she's found herself competing in the Modern Street Hemi Shootout Series, driving for Al Gennarelli Racing in the Engines/Paramount Performance DragPak Dodge Challenger.

If the transition seemed difficult for Daniels, think again.

Daniels competed for the first time in the series at Virginia Motorsports Park, where she advanced as far as the third round of the event held on Sunday, October 9th.

After her strong debut at Petersburg, VA, she returned to the track at Atco, N.J. last weekend and immediately made her presence known in style - twice.

In just her second start in a drag car, Daniels dropped the hammer successfully to nab her first career win in the Unlimited class, a feat which certainly had the young racer thrilled and elated.

"What an awesome feeling in just our second race!" said Daniels. "The team and my crew chief Jason did a great job preparing the car for this event. I am thrilled we were able to win, and to gain this momentum going into the off-season. 

Also, I would like to thank my car owner, Al Gennarelli, and our sponsors,, Arrington Engines and Paramount Performance--we couldn’t have won this race without them!"

Daniels wheels her Dodge Challenger down the drag strip. Image courtesy of Tiff Daniels.

Daniels wheels her Dodge Challenger down the drag strip. Image courtesy of Tiff Daniels.

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One of the key factors to her successful weekend was the preparing and confidence matched with a balanced approach that they had with their car prior to the race.

"I think when you go to the race track, you need to always have that mindset (to win)," she said. "I don’t usually take time to say 'I think this will be the race' because you want to go in planning to win every race and focus on your car and your driving.

"However, we knew the car was working well when we practiced on Thursday, so the team was definitely feeling confident about our chances."

With the thrill of victory in the minds of Daniels and her AGR crew, she reflected on their achievement, as well as her transition from stock cars to drag racing cars.

"Winning is always great, and certainly after switching to such a different type of racing," Daniels said. "The win is also a big confidence builder and helps me validate to myself that I can be successful at a new kind of racing. And let’s be honest, winning is just more fun!

Additionally, Daniels placed runner-up in the "King of the Hill" race held that same weekend, a winners-only event that certainly showed the tenacity and skills of this young racer.

Considering how their success has come so early, there's reason to believe that this sophomore effort will be a force to be reckoned with in 2012.

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  1. As a former scholastic athlete, retired head football coach and a former serious drag race participant, I can attest to the fact that drag racing is an athletic "sport" that entails fitness, endurance, concentration and trained sharp reflexes. Asked often about my success in racing, I always refered back to my athletic endevors as my foundation for this success. In addition, it takes mechanical intellegence and automotive skill, as well as extensive engineering competency and the analitical skills about the science of winning a race to be fully competitive in the sport of drag racing. There is alot more to drag racing than just going fast in the quarter mile.

  2. Bill, that's very in-depth and I have to agree with you on that, based off the racers I've gotten to know and the stories they've shared with me. Tiff's a very athletic girl and that's a testament to how she's able to balance not only her priorities, but her racing endeavors too. The fact she's transitioning from stock cars to the blink of an eye fast drag racing...I find it fascinating. Her background and savvy in racing too is why I think wherever she'll race, she'll most likely not just succeed but win.

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