Mazda Turbo2 Concept At SEMA: Fast Now Comes In Size Small

Our first experience with a Mazdaspeed3 powered Mazda2 came during this year’s One Lap of America, where the pint-sized pocket-rocket quickly won over our hearts and minds. The car finished 42nd overall, but would have fared much better had mechanical issues not kept it out of several key events.

Mazda seems to like the idea of a fast Mazda2 as well, so the company is showing its Turbo2 concept at this year’s SEMA show. Power comes from a 2.3-liter direct-injected, turbocharged Mazdaspeed3 engine, which means that the the Turbo2 should be good for 263 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque.

That should provide a fair amount of entertainment value in a car that tips the scales at just over 2,300 pounds. Ensuring that the car stops and turns as well as it accelerates, Mazda has fitted the Turbo2 with Brembo front brakes, an HR coil over suspension, Corksport sway bars and 17-inch OZ wheels shod with sticky Yokohama tires.

The exterior is finished in Sonic White tri-coat, offset by Brilliant Black panels and neon-colored highlights. Inside, the seats are done in black leather with yellow Turbo2 logos and yellow seat piping, and a data acquisition display ensures that you can keep track of your lap times.

While the overly-attention-grabbing exterior may not be to our liking, the concept certainly is. We doubt that Mazda will put the Turbo2 into production, but we’ve got our fingers crossed anyway.

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Comments (6)
  1. will this then mean that Mazda will beef up the 3 MPS with a trikier engine with bigger bored turbo and 4wheel drive? that woudl put it truelly on the map int he hot hatch arena, that is owned by the GTI, seeign as they havent gone for over kill in power. the MPS has horrific torque steer being front drive and all that power trying to get delivered to ground through the front. either a simple 4 wheel drive or flip the drivetrain to make it rear wheel drive. that is what will make it super. Also get a Mazda3 MPS sedan made. in the current design it woudl be an abosulte beauty

  2. @WizardsLore, Mazda used to build a car like that - it was called the 323 GTX. Mazda built it for a few years in the mid-80s in order to take it rallying (Group C, if I remember correctly), and the 323 GTX remains one of my all-time favorite cars.

    I've asked Mazda about an AWD Speed3 on several occasions, and the answer is always the same: "too expensive."

  3. hi Kurt...this is the Speed2 that was being referenced int he other article haha
    i remember the 323GTX, it was a funny little car that the boy racers loved. very much part of the "whizzzzz bang" car brigade
    the expense of the AWD MPS (speed3 to you) would be countered by the fact that Mazda is now seen as a quality manufacturer and logical option when faced with the small europeans. it woudl also put it against he Golf R which is beautiful but it can maintain the rawness of the Japanese whizzer.
    and i still maintain that an AWD MPS sedan (3speed sedan) would be brilliant and just the ticket to smash the WRX and Evo sedans for families as obbosed to boy racers. Families wanting a bit more ooomph are having to trade up to a Liberty(Legacy)

  4. @WizardsLore, you make a pretty logical argument for an AWD MPS sedan. Here's one from the past - do you remember the Mitsubishi Galant VR4?

  5. absolutely ...the Galant Vr4 was ahead of its time. It was released here in Oz without much fanfare but people in the know scooped them up because of the usage of the Halo 3000GT running gear and a detuned engine. We had the Magna here in Oz as the locally manufactured large car for Mitsu and it sold as well as the Commodore and Falcon. It was the Diomede (sp) in other markets i believe and the next size up from the Galant.

  6. @WizardsLore, the big Mitsu was sold here as the Diamante, but our versions were all built in Japan.

    As for the likelihood of an AWD Mazdaspeed3, teh automaker has its hands full these days with the launch of SkyActiv products. They need to recover the development costs for the SkyActiv program before moving on to other projects (like the next-gen rotary engine). If an AWD Speed3 is even on the drawing board, it's years away and dependent upon the sales of SkyActiv products.

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