FIA Confirms 2012 F1 Calendar, United States GP Set For Nov. 18

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Formula 1 United States Grand Prix track in Austin

Formula 1 United States Grand Prix track in Austin

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It’s official. Austin, Texas will play host to the American leg of the 2012 Formula 1 season starting on November 18 of next year.

This sees the return of F1 to the U.S. after the last race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway back in 2007.

Going by the title, United States Grand Prix, the new race will be held at the Circuit of The Americas, which is still under construction in Austin.

It will be the second to last race of the season, which bodes well for it being the deciding factor in the championship if competition is tight next year and all the drivers are on similar points.

The track will stretch 3.4 miles and should see speeds of up to 200 mph reached, and there will be plenty of other amenities on the 1000-acre site including a banquet hall and medical center.

Additionally, the track will also play host to a leg of Australia's awesome V8 Supercars series in 2013.

The Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne remains the first leg of the new 20-race 2012 season, with racing set to commence on March 18. The conclusion will be at the Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo on November 25.

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Comments (5)
  1. way to pin your stripes to the mast there Viknesh pointing out that the Ozzie V8 race will be held there too hahaha
    hopefully the Ozzie rulers allow the much mooted Camry/Aurion V8 to race in the series also. Seeing as the Camry is one of the biggest selling cars in Nth America it woudl be an interesting selling point for them

  2. Haha – you are quite correct there WizardsLore. While I never fully followed the series, I always loved watching the races on quiet Sundays and wishing HSV or FTE (later FPV) would adopt a similar look to the aggressive race cars. Never understood why they didn’t.

    Also, a third competitor would really make the series better.

  3. Viknesh - the problem with the 3rd marque is that the duopoly that Holden and Ford share in the typecast "westies" population means that it will always be viewed with skepticism. Take the GTR when it came out. It won everything before it and as far as I was concerned made it infinitely more interesting. Especially with privateers giving it a good go. Unfortunately they didn’t like Godzilla and tried to hamper its abilities with masses of weight over the rear axle to slow it down. Eventually Nissan got jack of the situation and pulled all support for the racing especially as it looked as if their cars would be banned.
    With the Camry / Aurion suggestion I made above, when it was put forward to the Ozzie racing commission they flat refused as it would defile there sacred racing (and to be honest boring) formula, even though it would generate all new interest in the competition.

  4. As for the aggressive looks you mention. Well you have covered it at times on the site the SpEd versions that HSV and FPV have released that really are beasts. The GTS is a great looker especially with the 317bhp 7ltr V8 in it. And the GT looks great with the supercharged Boss V8. I have no general affection for the cars per se, im more of a Porsche man myself, but it still astounds me that both of these cars haven’t been retooled for left hook and sold en masse in the states. It’s a complete no brainer. They are big, family cars with big engines and strong bodies for long trips. And they are apparently great for the tuner market also.

  5. its not letting me type a worthwhile respnse as it thinks im duplicating a message aaaargh

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