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Super Mario Kart

Road Rash (1991)

Long before vapid, uneducated loud-mouths decreed games like Grand Theft Auto sinful and damaging for our children, Road Rash encouraged you to beat the hell out of your fellow motorcycle racers with big metal chains whilst travelling well above the speed limit. And just like ploughing through pedestrians whilst drunk in GTA, it's fantastic fun, yet we've never felt tempted to do the same in real life...

Indianapolis 500: The Simulaton (1989)

If oval racing was your thing, then Indianapolis 500 was the game for you. The graphics and handling aren't up to much by today's standards but you took what you could get in the 80s, and with a little imagination and suspension of disbelief you felt like you were actually there, ready for the green light. We never knew simple pixellated shapes could make for such tough competition, either...

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  1. Everyone of those games brought back a ton of memories. I feel like I need to hook up my Sega Genesis today along with my 3DO to get some retro gaming going.

  2. I would add R/C Pro-Am for the NES and Pole Position for Atari consoles. The former is similar to Micro Machines (top-down, "clock dial"), the latter is similar to Grand Prix Circuit ("First-person driver", open-wheel)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions John. I picked Grand Prix Circuit over Pole Position as it was the one of the two that I played as a youngster! I debated including Grand Prix: The Cycles, also made by Accolade and based on the 1988 Grand Prix motorcycle season. Was a bit more "realistic" than Circuit!

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