Porsche's 7-Speed Manual Transmission, The Yeti, And Double Rainbows: Video

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There are a lot of strange, unexplained things in the world. Some of them have been caught on video. Unfortunately, that video is almost always too grainy and shaky to draw any conclusions. So it is with the Porsche 7-speed manual transmission.

Sure, we're pretty certain one is coming in the 2012 911. And yes, the shifter in the video we showed you a few days ago does kind of look like something more than a typical six-speed transmission. But so does this video of some Polish yetis look like something more than a few mountain climbers out for a hike.

What does it all mean? Like a moving double rainbow, we get a glimpse at the hidden workings of the universe, or, in this case, the hidden plans at Porsche. But unfortunately, that glimpse is all too brief and out of focus to really change anything.

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Comments (2)
  1. Great news for us purists: the fun has just gotten up one more gear

  2. I'm so glad Porsche doesn't follow other super-car makers like Lamborghini and quit making manual trannies!

    They're doing it right : offering BOTH (Manuals and PDK).

    If I want to have a manual because it's cheaper to buy and more fun, why not? If I want to have a sweet dual clutch because I care about the few milliseconds it shaves (although it's useless in every-day driving), meh, why not?

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