Porsche Returning To Le Mans LMP1 In 2014: Video

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Porsche returns to Le Mans for the 2014 season

Porsche returns to Le Mans for the 2014 season

Porsche has officially thrown its hat back into the Le Mans prototype ring, with a newly developed LMP1 prototype racer in the works for the 2014 season. This video gives us a look at some past Porsche winners at Le Mans.

Porsche, of course, has many winners to choose from in its history, having won overall at the legendary endurance race 16 times. The new team will be a works-run affair, but as yet, no details on the driver lineup or the car itself have surfaced, aside from the hint that Porsche will build on its success with its RS Spyder LMP2 car, campaigned from 2006-2008 by a factory-backed Penske Racing team and through 2010 by privateers.

Will Porsche be able to start from (near) scratch and beat back Audi and Peugeot in three years' time?

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  1. The fact that Porsche won Le Mans 16 times is a good reason to have faith they could do it again. However, we'll have to wait and see whether it will take three years or not to come up with a win. I hope the new Porsche LMP1 is not exactly the same to the one depicted above, for it had a tendency to back flip.

  2. Doeas this mean audi is hanging it up upon porsche return?

  3. @phil12321: Without a doubt, Porsche will be a rival like no other namely: Peugeot, Aston Martin and any other LMP1 manufacturer; and Audi better than anybody else know about it. With Porsche back, regardless of whichever take victory, the legendary endurance race wins.

  4. The only winner whether Porsche or Audi wins at LeMans is Volkswagen. But between the two I'd put my money on Audi since they are the only company that truly experiments, develops and progresses the sport with their technology.

  5. @gazzed: agreed for the most part: If winning refers to where the profit goes, Porsche as an independent group subsidized by Volkswagen should control 50% of the profit, which is a bit different from Audi, which has Volkswagen as parent, and subsidiaries in Brazil(2), Hungary, Italy (2): Lamborghini and another group,and the independent group Quattro from Germany. Audi's been longer than Porsche in the business of making all kind of cars. However, Porsche has done nothing but producing high performance cars (successfully) since the beginning; and we should not forget the facts: 16 PORSCHE WINS at Le Mans vs. Audi's 10! Perhaps you will agree better with me now that we will have to wait and see what happens when Porsche returns to Le Mans

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