2012 Corvette ZR1 Rips Up The 'Ring In 7:19.63: Video

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Watching a stock production car, and an American one, no less, tag a consistent 1.5-1.6g of lateral acceleration on street tires (new Michelin Pilot Sport Cups) on its way to clicking off a 7:19.63 lap around the Nurburgring's Nordschleife is nothing short of mind-blowing, until you realize it's the ZR1. And then it's still mind-blowing.

That's nearly seven seconds faster than the previous ZR1 time posted by GM, about 5 seconds faster than Nissan's GT-R, three seconds faster than the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR, and just a tick over 30 seconds behind the track-purposed, $2 million Pagani Zonda R. It's a second behind Porsche's claims for the GT2 RS, and a full 13 seconds and change quicker than the Ferrari 458 Italia.

And unlike any of those cars except the GT-R, it can be had for just a little over $100,000. How's that for American engineering?


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  1. Farrrkkkkk - Amazing work GM. But I would still go with the GT-R. It's interior is just so much nicer than the ZR1's.

    Plus I prefer the dual clutch for the everyday driving.

    Nevertheless, amazing stuff.

  2. Dodge Viper with ACR package is also just over $100K.

  3. You're right, of course, but it's no longer in production.

  4. 182mph WOW Just WOW.

  5. Could be faster, looking at the hand motion in the last shift, looks like he only went to 5th gear, so 6th could have gotten him to close 190.

  6. i would have been faster but he never took it out of 5th that's the most dangerous part of the track so you cant blame him tho

  7. it not i i would probably keep it in 4th i prefer to live

  8. I watched the 720p video displayed on a 52 inch HD LCD connected to a computer and it was almost just as exciting as going in the passenger seat! I could even sense bodily unsteadiness when going down hills and taking on curves. I think the ZR1 performance is amazing! The ZR1 just need one thing to set a 'Ring record for the ages: A paddle shift.

  9. I watched the video for a second time. Despite the driver amazing driving skills I could notice how much steering with one hand while clutching and shifting gears affected the overall performance especially on curves. A paddle shift would comfortably allow the driver to take on tight curves with his two hands, and shifting faster to high gears without losing control of the vehicle. Just a fraction of a second saved on every curve times the number of tight curves at the 'Ring could amount for an overall extra couple of seconds faster...The device for measuring "g's" was genius: it's a Foucault Pendulum...

  10. to be honest those comparisons up there dont really mean a thing. especially the one with ferrari 438. vette has a 6.2 liter engine and 438 has a 4.5 liter engine.
    Still tho, a mind blowing car, cant wait to see the new vettes on lemans 2012.
    This car is some exception to American engineering. I'm just teasing.
    and yeah I'd like it to have paddle shifting or atleast a sequential gearbox.
    More than a beast for everyday driving indeed.

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