Video: Woman Having Car Towed Isn’t About To Deal With Tow Truck Driver

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Upset woman has her car towed

Upset woman has her car towed

This video was simply too funny to ignore. For anyone who’s ever had the infuriating feeling of having a car towed away, you now have a new hero.


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The woman in this latest clip was simply never going to accept that her car was being towed so after what seems like a relatively calm exchange with the tow truck driver, she proceeds to hop back into her car, start the engine and then attempt to drive off--tow truck in tow.

Of course, hilarity ensues. We won’t spoil it for you so go ahead and hit play.

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Comments (8)
  1. LOL that was good!

  2. Fake?

  3. This video is very old.. Still a good one though.

  4. OMFG! I think I just fell in love with that woman! Definitely my new hero. Simply amazing.

  5. Oh boy! I couldn't stop laughing after watching the video.

  6. Definitely not fake, those tow trucks are really pos. A friends car got stuck in a ditch and when the same exact tow truck tried to tow it out, ended up breaking 2 reinforced ropes and a steel rope. Car was ok. but tow truck FAILed.

  7. In Soviet China, car toes YOU!

  8. In Socialist America, tows is how it is spelled.

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