BMW 3-Series GT To Be Called 4-Series?

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bmw 3 pas

bmw 3 pas

Call it whatever you like--the apple-bottomed sedan, the Quasimodo, the "Gran Turismo," the not-quite-a-hatchback four-door coupe-ish thing appears to be here to stay. In BMW's case, it may even spawn a whole new model line, if the latest rumors out of Germany prove correct. The car known so far as the 3-Series GT may bear a new badge: the 4-Series.

Rumors of a 4-Series coupe-like vehicle are not new--AutoBild produced some renderings of a two-door intended to look and behave like a smaller 6-Series way back in 2004. The evolution from 3-Series GT to 4-Series, however, is new, and as yet, completely unsubstantiated.

The car itself, however, is coming. CEO Norbert Reithofer revealed as much back in 2009, not long after the debut of the 5-Series GT. The release date then was planned for late 2011, though a 2013 launch now looks more likely.

Those of us in America can at least look forward to the GT version of BMW's mid-sized sedan--whatever it's eventually called--as an alternative to the 3-Series wagon, though if you ask us why anyone would choose the GT over the wagon, given the option, you're likely to be met with shrugged shoulders and a confused look. The questions as to whether the 3-Series GT/4-Series will replace the 3-Series wagon here, however, as the 5-Series GT has done, remains open.

[Auto Motor und Sport via BMW Blog]

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Comments (7)
  1. All they will need after this is a 2 series and a new 8 series 2 door, not to mention all the holes missing in their SAV (BMW term for their SUVs) lineup, such as an X2, X4, and such.

  2. And I think a 9-series Supercar would be in order too.

  3. I'll keep this post simple. Stupid idea. Ugly car.

  4. Rich you realize that is a rendering, not what the car will look like right

  5. I like all the new innovation coming from BMW, but I don't think they should dilute their brand so much. It may be something that ends up hurting the brand in the long run.

  6. NoName. Why do you assume that because it is a rendering that it will end up a great looking car? Sure it could, but, the rendering is ugly. How could Rich possibly comment on something you speculate to improve over the "rendering"? Are we to assume all renderings end up better looking in production?

  7. Bill, do not realize the point I was saying is that commenting on a rendering is pointless and you can not say a car is good looking or ugly till you see the actual car and I am suprised I actually had to type this, thought it was self evident that people should not comment on a vehicle till you see the real thing, not judge it by a rendering.

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