GM To Bring Holden Commodore Sedan, Wagon, And Ute To U.S.?

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The short-lived Pontiac G8 was perhaps the most missed of the cars to die with the brand, but rumors of its rebirth in Chevrolet guise persist. Today, the idea has been given another boost with a report from GM Inside News that internal documents are calling the Zeta-based Holden Commodore the G8 was derived from an "approved program" within the company.

The best part? In addition to the code-named Z2SC "SS sedan," there is a chance the ute and wagon forms of the car could make it here, too, though they remain unapproved, according to the report. The ute (nee G8 Sport Truck) would likely arrive as an El Camino, while the long-back car would get a SportWagon appellation.

If the Commos do arrive in Chevy trim, it won't likely be until early 2013 for the 2014 model year, as GM is thought to be waiting for the refreshed commodore to make its way through development at Holden. If the El Camino and SportWagon gain approval, they could be here later in 2013 as well.

Fans of the Zeta-platform cars, rejoice, but don't pop the champagne just yet. We'll keep you posted as the situation develops.

[GM Inside News]

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  1. Equipped with the 3.6DI & 6 speed auto the G8 never had, this car could rock!

  2. Hope this is true, and maybe the Aussie $ will be donwn n value enough to make sense, at the moment with the Aussie$ actually worth more than the US it would eb questionable.

  3. I said from the very start that i dont really have any real affection for the Commodore or the Falcon for that matter, but for what they are, honest big family cars with massive boots and the ability to chew up the miles while also being funnish and look relatively good, it is one of the most ridiculous decisions that GM and Ford havent imported them yet. the products are far better than anything that those 2 companies currently have on their books for a family car, and many woudl argue and the chaps on Top Gear agree that the GTS commodore is a far better car than anythign that Cadilac have as yet released, even going as far as using the same engine and underpinnings developed in Australia. Heck the new Camaro is a 2 door Commodore and the Mustang is a 2 door Falcon.

  4. @WizardsLore - I'll be the first one to get the new Commodore wagon but with enough cash I'd pick up Cadillac CTS-V in a heartbeat.

  5. The sedan would big a big yes, but I am sure the wagon would be done in the US in smaller numbers because wagons do not sell well here in the States. The ute would be good, especially if it got a diesel option

  6. Hey thats not fair. We send the Holdens to the US and you won't send us the Camaro's, Caddies or Silverado's.
    I can understand our low volume here but with robotics and computer aided design you'd think GM would find a way to produce a few for us right handers. So sad.

  7. nice

  8. Replacement for the Impala, that's being left to age? This vehicle could bring the "it" factor that this relatively sleepy segment sorely needs (outside of the Taurus), especially in the era of down-sizing.

  9. If it's reasonably priced, I'll take the wagon. Hey, why not call it a Chevy Nomad SS? Pull the trigger, that Impala needs to be replaced yesterday.

  10. I know I am a minority - but if it doesn't show up with a manual option it won't even be on my radar. Shouldn't be a problem given the markets the car is currently sold in. Any "sport sedan" that doesn't offer 3 pedals is just pretending.

  11. I really don't understand GM at all. They had the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky and the Pontiac G-8, all fine cars. Why they didn't give Chevrolet or Buick both cars is beyond my comprehension. If this is true, then how about bringing the Sky back as well. They still sell it in Europe as an Opel Sky so what the heck?

  12. Unfortunately the moment they stick a chevrolet grill on the thing it will look as ugly as every other currently produced vehicle with a bow tie on it.

  13. Darkitec, you talking about the same vehicles that have been praised by the automotive news sources as being pretty good looking and much better then the past?

  14. if you guys are so inclined to google it, you can get Commodore / HSV's here in Australia with the Chevvy badges on them. they keep the exact original style, not the faux BMW kidney grille that signified Pontiac. they loog quite good and it is surely the US's loss that you dont get them quicker.
    @JKD-trust me when i say you would prefer an R8 sportwagon with the 327 and some change than the Caddy that was based on it

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